Are there bears in Ouachita National Forest?

Lake sylvia arkansas

Other than mothers and their cubs, like grizzlies, black bears are generally solitary. However, they may be kept in groups if there is plenty of food in an area, such as a berry patch in a crop field. Where food is less abundant, black bears may defend a resource, but they are not territorial. They do not defend specific areas and may share their territory with other bears.

The American black bear can be found throughout North America, from Canada to Mexico, in at least 40 states in the United States. Due to habitat loss and hunting, its range has been reduced to about 75% of its historical distribution. Their main habitat is temperate and boreal forests, but they can also be found in subtropical areas of Florida and Mexico. They can live in very different conditions, from the arid deserts of Mexico to subarctic tundra.

American black bears build caves where they can hibernate and give birth. To create these dens, bears often dig a hole in the ground or snow. Alternatively, dens can be created in caves, tree holes, brush, or root masses.

Lake Ouachita State Park

The Saint Francis National Forest, established in 1960 and jointly administered with the Ozark National Forest, consists of 33 square miles (85 square kilometers) of bottomland hardwood trees. It is named for the St. Francis River, which, along with the Mississippi River, forms the eastern boundary of the forest. The northwestern part of the forest is located on Crowley’s Ridge. There are popular fishing areas and hiking trails in and around Storm Creek and Bear Creek Lakes.

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Six National Scenic Byways cross the forests, including Arkansas Highway 7, often considered the most beautiful route in the state. The 230 miles (370 km) of hiking trails include the 165-mile (266 km) Ozark Highlands National Recreation Trail, which begins at the southwest corner of the main drive at Lake Fort Smith, meanders eastward, and ends at the northeast corner. at Buffalo River Trail on Buffalo National River. Six watercourses within the forests are designated as National Natural and Scenic Rivers.

Ouachita mountains

Hakalau National Forest Wildlife Refuge was established in 1985 to protect and manage endangered forest birds (like the Hawaiian I’iwi pictured above) and their rainforest habitat.  Located on the windward slope of Mauna Kea, Hawaii, Hakalau Island’s 32,733-acre Unity Island forest supports a diversity of native birds and plants matched by only one or two other areas in the State of Hawaii.  Eight of the 14 native bird species occurring on Hakalau are endangered.  Thirteen migratory bird species and 20 introduced species, including eight game birds, as well as endangered “ope’ape’a” (Hawaiian hoary bat) also frequent the refuge.  Twenty-nine rare plant species are known from the refuge and adjacent lands.  Twelve are endangered.  Two endangered lobelias have fewer than five plants known to exist in the wild.  Photo: Donald Metzner, UFWS

Volcanoes are monuments to Earth’s origin, evidence that its primordial forces are still at work.  During a volcanic eruption, we are reminded that our planet is an ever-changing environment, the basis of which are processes beyond human control.  As much as we have altered the face of the Earth to suit our needs, we can only marvel at the force of an eruption.  Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a fascinating world of volcanic activity, biological diversity, and Hawaiian culture, past and . present Photo: Yvone Baur, National Park Service

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Lake Ouachita

Mount Rainier National Park rangers encourage visitors to visit areas like Paradise at night, in total solitude, and discover the starry skies, especially if there is a full moon. The Milky Way, as well as countless planets and constellations can be seen with the naked eye. Some of these experts have even seen the International Space Station pass overhead. The best time to enjoy these skies is from 10 p.m. to midnight, when the rangers recommend putting away flashlights to reduce light pollution to a minimum, as well as bringing warm clothes and hot drinks for the low night temperatures. They also suggest spending the night at Paradise Inn, a charming hotel in the heart of Paradise, as motorhomes are prohibited.

Are there bears in Ouachita National Forest?
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