Do cats need a license in Milwaukee?

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Licensed animals can be more easily identified if they become lost, and license fees serve to help lost, unwanted, injured, abandoned and abused animals. Specifically, your pet’s license fees support the following programs:

Your pet must also wear its license tag and rabies tag. These tags can help your pet return home if lost. You can obtain a license tag through your local veterinarian, at a pet store or from the Humane Society. License tags are issued by municipalities.

Report the bite to us at (608) 255-2345 (ask to speak to an Animal Services representative). Visit our Animal Bites and Rabies page for more information.

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La rabia es una zoonosis vírica que provoca una encefalitis grave y progresivamente mortal, causando aproximadamente 60.000 muertes al año. La mayoría de los casos se registran en África y Asia, aunque su distribución es mundial. A pesar de ser una enfermedad que está a punto de ser erradicada en el continente americano, en los últimos años se ha producido un brote en nuevas zonas, afectando a otros países.

En las zonas endémicas, los casos humanos se producen por la mordedura de un perro infectado, mientras que en el resto de los países se asocia a mordeduras de animales salvajes. Tras la mordedura, el uso adecuado de la profilaxis postexposición es universalmente eficaz. Por lo tanto, para reducir la carga mundial de la rabia humana, es esencial controlar la rabia canina y hacer que la profilaxis esté aún más disponible. En Uruguay, si bien la rabia humana fue erradicada en los años 60, asistimos a una situación epidemiológicamente compleja desde el año 2007, al introducirse nuevamente la rabia animal asociada a los murciélagos. La comunidad médica y veterinaria debe estar alerta para evitar este nuevo brote de rabia humana. Es necesario el esfuerzo conjunto de la medicina humana, los veterinarios, la población y el gobierno a través de políticas públicas con el fin de realizar la vigilancia epidemiológica, y trabajar en el control de la población canina y la aplicación de medidas profilácticas en humanos después de las mordeduras de perros.

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2 Let Drivers of Other Vehicles Know What You Are Doing…22 Accommodating Road Conditions…23 Always Be Aware of Possible Collisions with Wild Animals When Driving…24 Accommodating Traffic…25 Can You See Straight? 26 Sharing Space…27 Space in Front of You Space Behind Your Vehicle…28 Space to Join Traffic…28 Space to Cross or Enter the Road…28 Space to Pass…28 SHARING THE ROAD…29 Bicycles…29 Cargo Trucks and Recreational Vehicles…29 Bicycles…29 Cargo Trucks and Recreational Vehicles… 29 The Blind Spots of the Truck Driver…30 YOU HAVE TO BE PHYSICALLY FIT TO DRIVE…31 EYE…31 Tiredness…31 The Dangers of Drinking and Driving…32 Why is it So Dangerous When a Person Drives Under the Influence of Alcohol…32 The Effects of Alcohol…32 The Dangers of Drinking and Driving…32 The Dangers of Drinking and Driving…32 The Dangers of Drinking and Driving…32 The Dangers of Drinking and Driving…32 The Dangers of Drinking and Driving…32 Why is it So Dangerous When a Person Drives Under the Influence of Alcohol? 32 The Effects of Drinking and Driving…32 Drinking and the Law…33 Other Drugs and Driving…33 Health…33 Emotions (Psychological Problems)…34 Using Your Cell Phone…34 Emergencies…34 Vehicle Emergencies…34 Brake Failure…35 Tire Blowout…35 Engine Stops Running…35 ii

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Cordwainer Smith (whose real name was Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger, July 11, 1913 – August 6, 1966) was an American science fiction writer. Linebarger was also an important scholar of the Far East and an expert in psychological warfare.

In 1936 he married Margaret Snow. They had a daughter in 1942 and another in 1947. They divorced in 1949. In 1950 Linebarger married Genevieve Collins. Their marriage lasted until her death in 1966 from a heart attack.

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An important feature of Cordwainer Smith’s writing is that most of his narratives take place in the same universe, with a unified chronology; some Linebarger anthologies even offer a timeline with each story in its place in the chronology.

Smith’s stories describe a long future history of Earth, from a post-apocalyptic landscape with walled cities defended by agents of the Instrumentality to maintain a utopia in which freedom can only be found far below the surface, in forgotten and buried anthropogenic strata.

Do cats need a license in Milwaukee?
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