How can I get PUC certificate?



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For the purposes of the Certification Tests (PUC), official students are considered to be all those who are enrolled during the 2020-2021 academic year in a course leading to certification, that is, in the second courses of B1, B2 and C1 (also called 2B1, 2B2 and 2C1) and who sit the exam for the level in which they are enrolled.

For the purposes of these tests, all other persons taking the exam are considered free students, whether they are students of the school during the 2020-2021 academic year or have never been enrolled. Students who are enrolled in a course leading to certification during the 2020-2021 academic year and sit for the exam at a level other than the one they are currently enrolled in are also considered free students.

Official students do not have to pay fees (although they do have to register), while free students have to pay the fees corresponding to the exam(s) they take, in addition to registering at a later period.


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October 16, what’s happening on this day: In 1974, the Colegio de Profesores, an institution that watches over the protection of the rights of this guild throughout the national territory, was founded. In 1977 it was decreed that it would also be the date to celebrate the day of the teacher in Chile, which was previously celebrated on December 10 in commemoration of the Nobel Prize for Literature awarded to Gabriela Mistral in 1945. Having a special day to recognize the work they do reminds us of the importance of their role in our society, as mediators of a central and complex process such as learning. On this day, we would like to congratulate all our teachers, who make this program a special place, thanks to their work and dedication. Congratulations on your day!


The Academic Secretaries of each School and Faculty are responsible for issuing certificates related to the academic information of active and inactive students, graduates and graduates.

Below you can find information on how to request certificates and the conditions of delivery, as well as two tables with the types of certificates issued by the Academic Registries with their respective characteristics, so that you can consult or take into account the options before making your request or payment of the same.

Once the mail is received, the Treasury Office will generate the payment receipt and will send it to you by the same means, and you can pay it from the University Portal (Module 2), by online payment with debit or credit card.

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However, in order to attend your request, the certificate in digital version will be sent to your institutional mail. Once the in-person attention is restored, we will send you the printed version of the certificate.

How can I get PUC certificate?
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