How can I get PUC in another state?

Class 4 of the puc belongs to

For the purpose of calculating the Company’s own position, the amount of rights and obligations of operations carried out with derivatives in foreign currency, whether they are peso-currency or currency-currency transactions, will be taken into account.

Account 6250 – Options Issued will record both the rights and obligations arising from the options issuance contract. Account 6450 – Options Purchased will also record both the rights and obligations arising from the options purchase contract.

The entities interested in obtaining an updated copy of the PUC for the Insurance Sector may consult it through the information exchange system of the Integrated Services Digital Network -RDSI- or send two (2) high density diskettes, duly formatted, to our Customer Service Coordination or to the Organization and Methods Division.

Likewise, taking into account the changes introduced by the aforementioned Law, inflation adjustments are eliminated for code 1705 – Realizable Goods for the financial sector, 7515 – Inventory of livestock and for memorandum account codes 8165 – Goods Delivered to other Warehouses, 8225 – Goods in Warehouse – Own Warehouses, 8320 – Goods in Private Warehouses, 8235 – Goods in Transit, 8240 – Goods in Own Warehouses, 8242 – Goods in Private Warehouses, 8243 – Goods Received in Other Warehouses, and 8250 – Goods Consigned for Nationalization, as well as for codes 71705 – Land, 71710 – Construction Materials, 71715 – Construction in Progress and 71720 – Goods Completed or Received for Sale.


First we will see what exactly the PUK code is and what it is used for, and then we will give you hints on how you can find yours. We will give you the guidelines, but keep in mind that the process may vary from one operator to another.

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The PUK code, on the other hand, you do not need to use it on a daily basis, but only when the SIM is blocked because you have entered the wrong PIN three times. In this case, the PUK code serves as a master key to bring the SIM back to life, although in return you must find the original PUK code.

Do you need the PUK code? Here’s what you can do to get it. Note that as an exceptional security measure, it is not a code that is easy to obtain. There are basically two main ways to get it: from the original SIM card package and from your carrier.

The easiest way to get the PUK code is usually from the original package the SIM card came in. The PUK code is not printed on the SIM itself, which would invalidate its security, but is usually printed on the card that usually contains the SIM card.

Accounting Puc

In the second area are the fields to identify the movement of the document (ACCOUNT, DESCRIPTION, THIRD PARTY NAME, PROPERTY, TYPE OF MOVEMENT, VALUE, ITEM AND COST CENTER) is defined as DETAIL.

The consecutive field will be displayed automatically, if the document type has the consecutive field marked as manual, this field must be filled in. (Check the value in Types of Accounting Documents).

This functionality is mainly used when there are extensive documents that must be made by period (e.g.: Payroll accounting), in this way the document is copied in the first elaboration and in the following periods it is pasted in the respective period and the pertinent modifications are made.

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Afterwards you will verify if you want to change the status of the document to VOID, click YES to leave the document as void or NO to delete the document definitively, with the cancel button you will stop the deletion process.

This option only applies when making the causation of a manual invoice, otherwise the concepts that are going to have the VAT value included must be configured with the value type ‘IVA_PH’, and must be added by news.

Puc commercial pdf

The idea of founding a Catholic university in Chile was promoted by the leaders of Chilean Catholicism at the end of the 19th century and supported by both the mass of the Catholic faithful and the ecclesiastical hierarchy of the time.

By founding its own private and autonomous university, the Catholic Church in Chile wanted to respond to the liberal tendencies of the time, such as the secular laws promoted during the government of President Domingo Santa María, which allowed Chileans of colonial origin to be born, marry and die without having to pass through the altars of the Church, with the State assuming the functions of civil registration of persons and burial regulations.

The university reform had great episodes, such as those experienced in 1967 when the students, grouped in the FEUC (Student Federation) protested against the continuity of the rector Alfredo Silva Santiago, before which they decided to occupy the building of the Central House. Silva Santiago resigned and in a cloister formed by ecclesiastical, academic and student authorities, Fernando Castillo Velasco was elected, the first non-ecclesiastic to assume this position, in which he was confirmed shortly after by the Holy See. One of the most curious events was the placing of a huge banner that read “Chilean: El Mercurio lies”, with which they protested against the accusation of the morning newspaper of the same name that accused an alleged intervention of Marxist parties in the protest.[21] The students were also the first non-ecclesiastic to assume this position, in which he was confirmed shortly after by the Holy See.

How can I get PUC in another state?
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