How do I become a boxing referee in Texas?

How do I become a boxing referee in Texas?


Refereeing is always playing! Of course, the whistle or the flag replaces the ball, but a referee participates as much in the game as the other actors of a meeting. The ‘refereeing is aimed at all licensees. is, and allows to live a beautiful human experience, enriching, formative.

To become an official referee, it is necessary to be previously represented by a sports club. Then you will have to take a specific exam, both theoretical and practical. Training in sport is recommended to provide the necessary experience: FROM sport.

– Build a real career as a district, league or national level athlete – the more you progress, the more you will referee at an interesting level! “If sport was not invented by referees, there can be no sport without a referee !”

refereeing offers the opportunity to practice a real sporting activity. Build a real career as a departmental, regional, national and even international athlete. Refereeing allows you to be in permanent contact with the sport you have practiced and to remain a recognized player.

Minimum height to be a boxer

Wrestling and boxing are two of the oldest sports, and there are records dating back to the fourth millennium B.C. in Egypt and the Orient. The first records of a boxing match in modern times date back to 1681 in England: the Duke of Albermarle organized a fight between his butler and his butcher. Already in the 18th century, boxing was fought for money (at that time without gloves) and spectators made bets, and these fights usually ended fatally, even killing their rivals.

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Boxing was also practiced in the early days of Ancient Rome, but was practically eliminated as an activity throughout Europe with the appearance of Christianity. Contrary to what happened in Europe, boxing was widespread throughout Asia. It is estimated that at the beginning of the Christian era, muay boran or ancestral boxing appeared in Southeast Asia.

In the 17th century, coinciding with the expansion of the British Empire and France in Asia, pugilism entered England, where it would receive the name of boxing or English boxing, while in Marseilles, sailors influenced by Southeast Asian boxing began to shape the French savate or boxing.[10] In the 17th century, boxing was introduced in England, where it would receive the name of English boxing.

How to be a boxing judge

George Edward Foreman (Texas, January 10, 1949) is an American former boxer, two-time world champion in the heavyweight category. Nicknamed Big George became a successful businessman and a reputable reverend of his own church. The International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO) has ranked him among the top 10 heavyweights in history.[1] In 1970, he went on to a victorious career as a boxer.

In 1970, he continued his victorious career with 12 fights with a record of 12 wins, 11 of them by knockout. Some of them as important as Gregorio Peralta, George Chuvalo, Charlie Polite or Boone Kirkman. A streak that continued in 1971 (7 wins out of seven fights). That was how Foreman became one of the top contenders for the WBA and WBC world title.

And that opportunity came on January 22, 1973, when he faced heavyweight champion Joe Frazier in Kingston, Jamaica. The fight had no history as Foreman knocked the champion down six times in the first two rounds, after getting up from the sixth knockdown, Frazier was shocked by the punishment he was taking and the referee stopped the fight. From then on, Foreman became champion, but with the image during all this time of an aggressive guy, and as the example of the antisocial champion. His rudeness was frequent, especially in front of the press.

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I can be a boxer at 21

The arbitrator must avoid being party to any relationship or acquiring any financial interest that is likely to affect his or her impartiality or could reasonably create an appearance of improper or biased conduct.

The list of persons willing and able to serve as arbitrator, established pursuant to Article 339(1) of the Agreement, is replaced by the list of arbitrators contained in the Annex to this Decision.

Where a Party proposes candidates for the list of arbitrators pursuant to Article 304 (List of Arbitrators) of the Agreement, the other Parties may object to such proposal only if the proposed candidates do not comply with the provisions of Article 304, paragraph 3 (List of Arbitrators) of the Agreement and the Code of Conduct for members of the arbitration panel.

If the initial arbitrator was chosen by the Parties pursuant to Article 207(2) of the Agreement, the replacement shall be selected by lot from the list of persons proposed by the complaining Party and the Party complained against pursuant to Article 221 of the Agreement.

How do I become a boxing referee in Texas?
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