How do I confront my boss about unfair treatment?

How do I confront my boss about unfair treatment?

Phrases for a boss who doesn’t value you

Manage your boss. As important as managing your collaborators is managing your boss: You cannot have leadership downwards if you are not able to lead upwards, because then you lack credibility. A manager has three demands: those of his boss, those of his clients and those of his collaborators, and he must learn to find the balance between the three. He must assume that he is paid both for putting the boss’s ideas into the heads of his employees and for putting the employees’ ideas and his own ideas into the boss’s head.

In other words, adopt the same management techniques with your boss as you do with your employees, learn to say no to him/her and to establish a relationship of collaboration and not exclusively of subordination, because few managers value unconditional submission.

It is important to value and recognize the feelings of your superior when he is asking you for a job, often we only perceive hostility, when it is just distraction, the error in the interpretation of the emotions of the boss is behind many interpersonal conflicts. And to get to know the boss it is also essential to recognize what we feel towards him/her, it is necessary to develop an emotional self-awareness, that is to say to know what you feel, why you feel it and to what extent it affects your relationship. Don’t limit it to ‘it’s work stuff’, because then you don’t put the necessary mechanisms in place.

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If my boss yells at me, I can sue him.

I had already gone down to lunch, so I had Diana come running to my work and I threw the letter out the window so she could send it to the post office. Meanwhile, at the headquarters, the president of the other association called me to reassure me, tell me that he was going to try to talk things over and see how we could fix it… and to say goodbye to me from his platform (where after seven months working without a contract he had made me one for which he paid me just over 100€ a month) assuring me that it had nothing to do with the other thing. “It’s just that the grant money has run out,” he told me. Fair enough, right? I, however, was so nervous, so unsettled, that I even managed to convince myself and told Diana that we’d better leave it alone. Fortunately, she ignored me and went ahead with the burofax.

After that, and although they insisted that I come back to talk and “fix” things a little, I went to a lawyer. They tried to threaten me, a tactic they usually use, saying that they would argue such and such a thing in a possible trial. And they are used to it working for them. So much so that in their arrogance they don’t even realize that they threaten you with things that have nothing to do with the reason they argue in the dismissal.

Phrases to address a boss

When you come face to face with your boss you want to have as much evidence as possible about the unfair situations experienced. Your memory isn’t always going to be able to help you form a strong defense, so, the best way to collect everything that happens with your boss is to document it in an organized way.

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“Communicate a lot via email, Slack or whatever platform you use to talk about work issues,” Brantner has said. “Send ‘Just to clarify…’ emails that perfectly explain what they’ve asked you to do. If they tell you something that for whatever reason can’t be documented, record an audio with your cell phone or send an email to your own address that lists the date and time.”

When dealing with a difficult boss to deal with, the exchange of emotions often comes into play as well. While you may want to tell that person how horrible he or she has been to you, you must understand that doing so is not going to lead to anything good. However, you can learn to control your reactions so that you don’t reflect aggressive behavior back to your boss.

Reasons why I can sue my boss

This article is an ode to the error, to the mistake, to the blunder, to the big screw-up. It is a heartfelt tribute to some of the biggest blunders I have made in my working life as a worker, a brief but juicy selection (I will talk about the ones I have made as a businessman on another occasion).

After finishing my degree and being in my first job, my boss recommended me to some acquaintances and in six months I went from being a laboratory assistant to having to set up, accredit and manage a geotechnical and soil mechanics laboratory. It was a young company, it had been in operation for a short time and there was a relaxed atmosphere … all very exciting, fateful word.

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If you want to change something in an organization, it’s not enough to be a smart guy or have a “nose for it”. You need data. You need to convince. And you need to thoroughly prepare the presentation of that data, imagine the objections that will be presented to you, and have the answers ready.

The result of that was that during the first three months of work that person was so busy that he was not able to meet with me even once to explain anything, and that was the kindest thing he did for me. In order to avoid confrontations and not to annoy my boss, I let time pass and waited for things to calm down.

How do I confront my boss about unfair treatment?
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