How do I contact VA unemployment by email?

Application process for the Fund for Excluded Workers

From this space you can apply for registration as a job seeker, carry out procedures regarding your claim and access personalized services to improve your chances of finding the job you are looking for.

The previous conciliation in the SMAC is imposed by the Law Regulating the Social Jurisdiction and aims to reach an agreement between employers and workers in labor claims in order to avoid litigation, always as a prerequisite to the judicial procedure.

If you are not currently a job seeker, but you have been one before, you can consult your personal data and access services such as the CV generator or consult the catalog of professions to which you could dedicate yourself and their occupational cards.

In the My Data section you can consult your personal and professional information. You can renew your application, make a duplicate, consult or modify your personal and employment data, create or modify your resume, consult your status as a job seeker, and consult or modify your professional experience.

How to change the email address associated with

Also expiring on September 4 is the $300 per week in addition for all eligible claimants. By federal law, all claimants have been receiving $300 in addition to their regular weekly benefit amount for a limited time, except those receiving Training Benefits.

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For individuals who have claims in adjudication after September 4: Back pay will be available. If we determine claimants are eligible, we will pay benefits for weeks claimed before September 4.

With the passage of the Unemployed Workers Continued Assistance Act of 2020, PUA overpayments are now eligible for exemption consideration. You do not need to apply for a waiver. Those who are potentially eligible for an exemption will be sent a questionnaire that we will use to determine exemption eligibility. There are a large number of PUA overpayments that we must review before sending out the questionnaire and it may take most of 2021 to do so.

How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance Online

The Maryland Unemployment Insurance Division provides benefits to people who are involuntarily unemployed and are able to work, available for work, and actively looking for work.

You can use the “translate button” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen (shown below) to translate the information on the Unemployment Department’s website,, into another language.

After you file an initial claim, the unemployment office will send you a Notice of Benefit Determination to let you know if you have been approved for unemployment benefits. If you are approved, you must meet several requirements while receiving unemployment insurance benefits.

You will receive your unemployment benefit payments by either direct deposit or check. You must choose which method you prefer when you file your initial claim. For more information on direct deposit, see Direct Deposit Frequently Asked Questions and Benefit Payment Method by Direct Deposit.

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How to File Your Unemployment Insurance Claim Online

I have made a virtual appointment but I also submitted my application through the online system. The pre-appointment gave me an appointment for May, the pre-application I made later, hoping that the process would be faster. They are not going to resolve it until May and then I will be paid in June at the earliest? Will I have problems because I have applied through both sites?

You will be attended to as soon as possible, and a manager will contact you if necessary to gather information. You should not apply more than once as this would only serve to overwhelm the already overloaded system.

I had made a regular appointment to go to my employment office before the Coronavirus problem. I was given an appointment for April, is this procedure valid and will they contact me or do I have to make another appointment, but now through the virtual system?

Yes, all workers affected by the extraordinary measures who were working before March 18, 2020, including temporary workers, will be entitled to unemployment benefits.

How do I contact VA unemployment by email?
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