How do you ask for commission art?

How do you ask for commission art?

Art direction, between creativity and commissions – Andreu

Operation Birdies paintings in watercolor. A few weeks ago, @sallyhambleton proposed me to go in her luggage to a fair that was organized in Candeleda, Gredos. Sally, who knows me and loves me, knows that I keep a lot of watercolors that I make, just for fun, and…

Watercolor paintings from the Botanical Garden. Painting and walking. I like walking almost as much as painting. To be honest, I usually like it more… The satisfaction of making a stroke and that everything fits is sensational and unsurpassable, but not always when you are painting…

Watercolor paintings of the Botanical Garden. The technique. I have not always painted the way you see now. There was a time when I painted really very well. But something wasn’t working. I shared the studio with a good friend who said that I gave her a lot of wiggle and…

Watercolor paintings of the Botanical Garden. The words around a work. For many people, paintings or any plastic work should speak for themselves. Surrounding them with words only serves to justify or repair a failure in the communication with the…


Photo: JOHANNA HUBER / FOTOTECA 9X12. In later centuries there were many other interventions, much less delicate and respectful with the work. This one, however, thanks to a majesty that matched the triumphal image of the post-Tridentine Church, was preserved. But with the nudity covered. Discover here all about Michelangelo, one of the masters of the RenaissanceTo know moreThe Sistine Chapel. Heinrich W. Pfeiffer. Lunwerg, Barcelona, 2007.Michelangelo, a restless life. Antonio Forcellino. Alianza, Madrid, 2009.The Sistine Chapel.

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ART Assignments – Steven Gerrard

Juliana Anikias, the donor of the Vienna Dioscorides (6th century), had herself depicted, flanked by allegorical figures of generosity and wisdom, in a prominent illustration of the donated work (fol. 6 verso).

The principals (not identified with certainty) of Masaccio’s Trinity (ca. 1428) are depicted in a praying position, on a lower plane than the Virgin and St. John (as they are on a lower plane than the three persons of the Holy Trinity).

Sharing the spatial environment with the characters of the sacra conversazione, although in a praying position, Piero della Francesca depicts the commissioner of the work, Federico da Montefeltro (Pala di Brera, 1472).

Pope Julius II (here portrayed by Raphael) was one of the main patrons of the Renaissance, and largely responsible for the shift of cultural centrality from Florence to Rome, where he attracted artists of the stature of Michelangelo, with whom he had a stormy relationship (reflected in the film The Torment and the Ecstasy).

How to price our painting

The deconstructed origami were very well received. The concept is spectacular: the figure of a lily made and unmade (with a typed text), on a wooden structure that seems to levitate inside a glass urn.

We all have a text, a phrase, a verse that has impacted us. It is like a kind of tattoo that motivates us or reminds us of where we want to go, or that place we would never want to return to.

Now the times. All these works are made by hand, the origami, the text, the frames. From the time the request comes to us until it reaches you, think 3 weeks. Keep this in mind if you want to surprise someone on a specific day.

How do you ask for commission art?
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