How do you become a NBA statistician?

Per nba history

At Sweet Hoops, we wanted to create our own probabilistic MVP index, based on a quantitative analysis similar to the one we applied for our prediction of players to be selected to their first All-Star Game next February.

For a player to be considered in the MVP conversation, he must play in at least 87% of his team’s games; in a normal season, this equates to 70 games. In addition, he should not average less than 33 minutes of playing time per game. Of these 70 or more games, an MVP should be able to win approximately 75% of them; that is, a season of at least 52 wins.

Knowing this, we established 5 categories on which we evaluated each of the 10 candidates mentioned above, taking historical data from each of them. Here is a brief description/explanation of each category.

This category is composed of the variables Games Played per season and Minutes Played per game. Players with more games played per season and more minutes per game will have a better valuation.

Advanced nba stats

Today the blog of our online basketball store we discover the NBA Players with the biggest hand, normally, basketball players usually have longer limbs than a normal person, but we have made a selection and ranking of those basketball players with the biggest hands.

Two legendary players who dominated the zones of their respective teams, in the case of Bills Russell, his dominance and intimidation were overwhelming in an era where they still did not count the blocks, but we are sure he would have averaged 4 or 5 each season he played with the Celtics and no doubt that part of that intimidation came from a few less and endless fingers that came to defend almost all opposing shots.

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The case of Hawkins is also peculiar, and went from dominating the courts of Rucker Park, passing through the Globertrotters until he ended up playing in the ABA and later in the NBA. A 2’03 player whose hands corresponded to a much bigger player.

Basketball advanced statistical formulas

The game is above statistics but statistics help, in many occasions, to understand the game. As the sport has become more professional, the resources to be used have also increased. This is the case in the physical area, with cutting-edge work techniques and tools for monitoring the evolution of each field. And it is the same in the technical area, where statistics have been breaking down barriers to reach a place of privilege in practically every competitive organization. In the NBA, the sabermetrics movement is already fully integrated and competitiveness cannot be understood without making use of the information provided by advanced statistics. Not to do so would simply be to compete at a disadvantage.

Statistics should not be viewed with suspicion from the moment it offers new sources of information, at all levels. And information is power. Nowadays the amount of data available is practically unmanageable and of course not all have the same weight, but there is a differential chain in elite sport: obtaining the right data, then used in the right context and translated into a rational message for a coaching staff and its players is a process that generates revenue and can make a difference on the court. It often already does.

What does 3pm mean in the nba

After the mess with the surprise appearance of the injured Draymond Green in Klay Thompson’s redebut, now it has been a phantom assist by Chris Paul that has caused a new headache for the bookmakers and the NBA. The league has finally decided to remove an assist from the 14 originally recorded by CP3 in the Suns’ win over the Jazz.

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The beneficiary of that assist has finally been a Mikal Bridges who managed 6 total after the correction and dished out a few thousand dollars to several bettors on the game. Many complained via social media about the event, pushing for the league’s official correction:

The after-the-fact correction generally does not lead to a reinstatement of bets affected by the modification, although as happened in the case of Green and his sudden appearance with the Warriors a few weeks ago, some companies have decided to pay out money to winning bettors even though it is not explicit in their rules.

How do you become a NBA statistician?
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