How do you become an energy consultant?


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Energy Consultant

The volatility of energy prices and the speculative movements that move the market in times of peak contracting, makes the task of contracting energy a strategic decision for any organization.

The continuous and unstoppable increase in gas and electricity prices, as well as the increase in global competition, make energy efficiency a basic line to remain competitive. TREBOL ENERGÍA will provide the knowledge and experience as a strategic consultant necessary to optimize the use of energy. In addition, the externalization of the non-core-business management is more effective if it is done with the economy of scale of a specialized agent.

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An energy consultancy is an organization that helps other companies and/or individuals to reduce their energy costs. In this way, a consultancy of this type helps to make a great saving of energy and, therefore, an important saving in the electricity bill.

The strategic objective of an energy consultancy is to save costs for both the company and the home, as well as to reduce pollution and the impact on the environment. In this way, energy consulting has proven to be a fundamental tool for the development of a company’s efficiency and production without the need to increase energy consumption.

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Why is energy efficiency important?  Energy efficiency is becoming more important every day, as it implies less energy use to perform the same service. The planet’s resources are finite and it is increasingly necessary to take advantage of them in a better way, to obtain an optimal relationship between energy and the money we invest in it.

How do you become an energy consultant? del momento

But it is not enough to implement energy saving and efficiency measures. To know whether or not they are effective, it is necessary to follow up to check that the measures implemented are having the desired effect in terms of energy savings and customer comfort.

It is important to carry out the verification and certification of energy savings concerning energy performance contracts, the monitoring of the maintenance of facilities or any situation related to the demonstration of energy savings of the facilities.

And, after implementing the appropriate energy saving and efficiency measures, the energy consultant can send the certificates issued to the customer, showing the energy savings and CO2 emissions avoided by improving the energy efficiency of the facilities.

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How do you become an energy consultant?
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