How does commission work for sales manager?

Commissions on sales that count is

Within companies, commissions reflect possibly secure sales by salespeople and, in turn, employees encouraged to close more sales, visit more prospects and win back customers, i.e., generate more cash flow for the business.

The greatest advantage of the commission system is that it rewards employee success and productivity and, in turn, gives workers an unlimited amount of income. This is usually present in motivated employees, who are willing to work longer hours.

A major disadvantage of this system is that consumers prefer not to work with commission-based salespeople, because salespeople who are interested in making a sale can become aggressive and imposing, even if the customer shows no interest.

Another disadvantage is that some employees earn little or no income other than their commissions, so if they do not sell your product, they may not receive any income, which makes the work environment stressful and tense.

Commissions examples

In the sales business, one part that is quite attractive for the employees of the department are the commissions; commissions are the contribution that the salesperson receives when a sale is made, but how to determine the commission for a salesperson? Simply put, a commission is a percentage that is taken out of the price of the product.

The original intention of sales commissions is to incentivize salespeople to make more sales; by increasing their levels, commissions can be paid to the salesperson as a salary or be added to a base salary; this will depend on the internal policies of each organization.

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This is the simplest modality that exists in the market, it consists of establishing a value for each sale made in the period; let me explain, the established value is $5 per sales, if the executive makes 60 businesses per month, she will receive $300 in commissions.

The advantage of this option is that the executive tries to satisfy the client’s needs when selling; contrary to what happens in other methods where they are interested in the client bringing a more expensive product in order to increase the commission.

Percentage of sales commissions

The trends of the new economy, driven by the demands of the market, have given rise to new universes of interest that have led to the breakdown of the vision of what in the past (even in the most recent past) was the managerial sphere in its most conventional concept.

Business reality, and specifically within the area of sales, requires making decisions, setting objectives, verifying compliance with a wide range of components and, of course, controlling results. Therefore, the company’s sales management must be an integrating entity whose level of qualification must be estimated in terms of high-level competencies.

All these singularities condition the company insofar as, in one way or another, it must formulate its own sales strategy, which must be aligned with the general strategy and be fully congruent in order to face complex and unpredictable scenarios.

It is therefore necessary to clarify the relevant functions of sales management. Establishing the list of the five essential functions of sales management involves focusing on the following:

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Types of sales commissions in Colombia

Taking into account that sales is one of the main activities, it is essential that the Sales Management has good and deep knowledge, having in its day to day always present the optics and vision of marketing.

Although this is not always the case, it is very important that both departments, Marketing and Sales, work in total synchronization, since there are many matters that require their joint intervention, for example:

In short, and before finishing, I want to convey to you the importance that the position of Commercial Director has in any Company, as it is a wonderful and very motivating job because no two things are ever the same, there are always:

Therefore, I encourage you to think about which departments you would like to work in, if you could choose freely, and you were asked right now (Sales and Marketing, would be good decisions!).

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How does commission work for sales manager?
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