How does Vestiaire Collective work?

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A thrift store is a second-hand clothing store, most of the time independent of any network of clothing recovery. They are provided thanks to wholesalers of second-hand clothing, generally referred to as “second-hand clothing”.

Whether for men or women, the online sale allows you to sell any product! … In your store, you can, of course, sell clothes opportunity to give them a second life. The wardrobe that you offer on your commercial site can be very diverse and varied.

This amount depends on many elements such as the location of the premises, the work to be done, the stock or the cost of administrative formalities. In general, it is necessary to have an investment of between 20 € and 000 €, even more, to start such a business.

First of all, it is better to go hunting early because you risk seeing the most beautiful pieces turn … or rather not see them at all! You can even prepare for your visit by calling the thrift store you want to visit to find out the arrival days.


Step 5.Look at your shopping cart now to see how much you have saved. Did you see? It’s more fun to make a purchase with our codes. For your next online purchase don’t forget to come back to

3,000 new items will be released. Because at you can not only buy, but also sell. In addition, you get the current fashion trends for free and can exchange ideas about what’s hot and what not to do in the community. Fair prices, quality and authenticity checks and the community make shopping an experience.

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A Vestiaire Collective voucher also always helps to make a real bargain. On Vestiaire Collective you can buy and sell premium and luxury pre-owned fashion. Vestiaire Collective is Europe’s leading online social marketplace for curated premium and luxury pre-owned products.

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Get to know the Vestiaire Collective application. The app is well known in the second hand community and is an integral part when it comes to second hand luxury goods. Here you can find brands that are on trend and are often already out of stock. Find out how the app works, how you can buy and sell your items to make room for new trends and much more.

In addition to private sellers, there are also commercial sellers. In a negotiation room, the buyer can negotiate the price. Each buyer has three price suggestions. If you are unsure of the price, products that have already been sold or similar items that keep appearing in the app after a successful sale can help you get your bearings.

If you order from abroad and not from Germany, there are also customs duties, import fees or additional taxes to be paid. The additional costs are indicated before payment during the ordering process. In some cases, independent customs authorities may still intervene. In this case, you have to pay the customs fees. If the customs fees are not paid, the package will be returned to Vestiaire.

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Like Amazon, eBay is also a great place to look for potential products to sell in your online store. Although Amazon is a much larger marketplace, eBay is a great place to research because it has access to real-time sales data.

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How does Vestiaire Collective work?
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