How long after an auction ends do you have to pay?

How long after an auction ends do you have to pay?


It may happen, in the case of GOODS, that if the system finds qualified offers to participate in the bidding and they comply with 40% or more in the national aggregate, the system gives them preference over those that have less than 40%. If there are bids with an aggregate of less than 40%, the system qualifies them but disqualifies them, not because they do not comply with the technical specifications, but because there are bids that comply or have a higher national aggregate.

As part of the technical specifications, the bidding documents detail the Ecuadorian Value Added, EAV, that the bidders must comply with. In the event that a bidder does not reach or meet this minimum, the system disables them, regardless of whether they have complied with the other technical specifications.

The system will block the option to finalize the qualification without any option for change, since the time established in the schedule has passed. And the process will be put in status TO BE AWARDED. In this case, given the “impossibility” to continue with the procedure, it could be declared void.

Who is the foreclosed party in an auction

Sellers sometimes create private advertisements that conceal the identity of the bidders and the buyer. These ads are often used for high-value items or pharmaceuticals. They include a note that they are private and that only the seller can see the pseudonyms.

Sellers sometimes set requirements for potential buyers based on their payment and shipping preferences. For example, some sellers may not ship to the country or area where you live.

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In this case, if you try to bid on the item, you will see a message asking you to contact the seller. Explain that you want to bid on the item and they may change the requirements to allow you to participate in the auction.

Possession of property awarded at auction

Anonymous04 May 2011, 10:56I have received several letters offering to stop the auction. I have contacted one of them, and it turns out to be from a law firm that tells me that they paralyze the auction for 9-12 months, putting resources and I do not know what more procedures, and that this will extend the period in which I can live in the house and try to sell it on my own.In exchange for this management they ask me for 2,000 €. I would like to know if anyone else has received this proposal, and how it went.

Anonymous31 January 2013, 1:35Hello I have received from a private company something like this. do not trust, they are companies that want to make a profit at the expense of our misfortunes.I hope I have helped you.Greetings: rocio.

esteisy18 February 2015, 10:03Hello to me the same thing happened to me luck is that in the end if I sold it and it was also through uci and had my parents as guarantors but I am involved in a platform and I have been given the dation which I start again without debt

Anonymous04 May 2011, 20:03 Yes, Tonino, I’m afraid that may happen, I’ve been all this time with everything for sale and nothing, we are already desperate, now we pay interest only and because they help us, so I do not even want to think what will happen, we painted it very nice.

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Customs Auction

All natural or legal persons, Chilean or foreign, capable of contracting, who comply with the necessary requirements for the receipt of invoices in accordance with the tax regulations in force and who are registered in the Register of Auction Participants prior to the auction, may participate in the electronic auction.

The lots will be exhibited on the electronic platform Any person may enter the virtual showcase provided for such purpose, which will contain photographs and a description of the merchandise, including at least: quantity, brand, model, condition, location and any other information that facilitates its identification. The exhibition period shall be at least 10 calendar days prior to the auction of the respective lot. The merchandise contained in this virtual catalog, if circumstances permit, may be exhibited physically at the times, places and under the conditions informed prior to each auction and respecting the security measures required by each warehouse, which will be published in the “Important Notes” of the web page

How long after an auction ends do you have to pay?
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