How many hours a day do train conductors work?

How many hours a day do train conductors work?

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After the Alvia Santander-Madrid incident last September 13, after an engineer left his post in the middle of the journey for having reached the maximum hours of continuous driving allowed by law, Renfe announced an internal audit to clarify what happened that night. The company is trying to find out if the cause was a communications problem.

The rest between working days depends on where the driver’s service ends. “If he finishes outside his place of residence, he has a minimum rest of 9 hours until his next shift,” they explain, “and if he finishes at home, the rest has to be 14 hours.” The start and end time of the workday depends on the line you are working on, and they rotate.

There are also several situations for breaks. There is the normal daily rest, which must be at least 11 hours (or it can be divided into two, the first of at least three hours and the second of nine); and the reduced daily rest, of between nine and 11 hours. During the week, the driver must rest for at least 45 hours or take a reduced rest of 24 consecutive hours. In the course of two weeks, the worker must stop and take at least two periods of normal weekly rest or one normal and one reduced weekly rest.

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Many companies will say that it is important because it is required by law and if we do not comply we would be incurring in a serious infraction. However, that is not the main reason, but the safety of the passengers. Numerous studies show that if a driver does not get enough rest, he loses his attention while driving and the possibility of having an accident due to a distraction increases.

Another concept that must be taken into account is the driver’s rest times. It is just as important not to overdrive as it is to take the correct breaks under the right conditions. Daily rest can be normal or reduced. Normal rest consists of at least 11 hours. These hours can be taken consecutively or in two periods. If it is chosen to be divided in two, the first one must last at least 3 hours and the second one 9 hours. The reduced rest period is considered to be that which does not reach 11 hours but with a minimum of 9 hours. The weekly rest period must be taken after a maximum of 6 days worked.

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Home / Query Center / Queries / Workday / Ordinary / 180 hours per monthShareNot to shareWorkday, Ordinary, 180 hours per monthWorkday, Ordinary, 180 hours per monthWhat is the workday and breaks for drivers of interurban land freight vehicles? The ordinary workday and breaks for drivers of interurban land freight vehicles cannot exceed 180 hours per month, which cannot be distributed in less than 21 days. They are entitled to an uninterrupted rest of 8 hours every 24 hours.

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If the driving period is less than 5 hours, the driver is entitled to a minimum rest of 24 minutes per hour driven.Working Day, Ordinary, 180 hours per monthWorking Day, Ordinary, 180 hours per month


Don’t think that they spend the night away from home every day. But it is true that sometimes, due to the way the work shifts are organized, they have to spend the night away from their home cities, that is, the base where they are assigned and which is usually the one where they live.

Sometimes, halfway between the city of origin and the city of destination, they finish their shift, get off at a station, and, if it is early, return on another train; or, if it is too late to return home, they sleep in that city and enjoy a well-deserved rest, until further notice.

How many hours a day do train conductors work?
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