How much does a Murray cod weigh?

Murray’s cod river monsters

Percichthyidae – Members of the family Percichthyidae are known as the temperate perch. They belong to the order Perciformes, the perch-like fishes. It is a family of freshwater fishes -some marine- included in the order Perciformes. The name Percichthyidae derives from the Latin perca for perch and Ancient Greek ἰχθύς, ichthys for fish. Species in this family are distributed primarily throughout Australia, Argentina and Chile, although some species are found in Asia and California (USA). Almost always in fresh water, rarely brackish.

Genus Coreoperca – A genus of temperate perch native to eastern Asia. Members of the genus Coreoperca are known as eastern perch or eastern perch, freshwater gamefish belonging to the family Percichthyidae . These fish prefer clear, slow currents in the middle reaches of rivers. Eggs are laid in May and June on plants. The eggs and fry are protected by the male. The species currently recognized in this genus are:

Birds of prey

Salted cod is a processed form of cod that consists of drying it with salt (salting). This presentation allows it to be kept in a dry place for several months.

Cod is also abused in the North Atlantic, where, since the 16th century, European vessels have been fishing, especially in Newfoundland and the Great Sun. The economic, social and cultural importance of this fishery is evidenced by the numerous confrontations between the powers for the control of fishing grounds, which is the origin of the current system of international maritime law, of the development of human settlements of enormous importance, and of many literary works.

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Cod fish

We already know what are the most representative characteristics of cod, now we will focus on knowing what are the most practiced and effective fishing techniques, let’s get to it!  The cod due to its high commercial value is usually a victim of industrial fishing or trawling mostly, with nets, longlines or traps, this type of fishing depletes our seas and seabed, we only approve of sustainable fishing, sport fishing especially in the form of catch and release or fishing without death, which is the way to enjoy the sport of fishing without killing the aquatic fauna massively. To learn how to fish cod in the sport fishing modality, the technique to be used will be bottom fishing or jigging. Live bait should be used normally and in good condition, since cod usually eat anything, this bait is placed on the hook leaving in sight only the tip of it.

Murray cod size

Muscle anatomy and functionThe anatomy of the fish muscle differs from the anatomy of land animals because it lacks the tendon system (connective tissue) that connects the muscle bundles to the animal’s skeleton. Instead, fish have muscle cells running in parallel, separated perpendicularly by connective tissue septa (myocomata), anchored to the skeleton and skin. The muscle segments located between these connective tissue septa are called myotomes.Figure 3.3 Skeletal musculature of fish (Knorr, 1974).

In North Sea cod it has been found that, prior to spawning, the water content in the muscle increases (Figure 3.8) while the protein content decreases. In extreme cases, the water content in a very large cod can reach 87 percent of its body weight before spawning (Love, 1970).Figure 3.8 Water content in the muscle of cod (Gadus morhua) (Love, 1970). The length of the spawning period varies greatly among the different species. Most of them have a marked seasonal periodicity (Figure 3.7) while some have mature ovaries almost all year round.

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How much does a Murray cod weigh?
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