How much is a deposit at an auction?

How to participate in a judicial auction

In the event that the buyer does not comply with the agreed terms, a penalty interest equivalent to twice the thirty (30) day discount rate of the Banco de la Nación Argentina will automatically accrue on the balance owed.

Pursuant to Resolution No. 2408 of the AFIP, responsible buyers registered for Value Added Tax (VAT), when their purchases exceed the amount of Ps. 2,000.00 as commission, they shall pay a 3% VAT rate in addition to the 21% tax on all commissions received.

Exempt from this rule are those who are benefited by promotion schemes that grant the release or deferral of V.A.T., or those who must act as agents of perception of the present scheme, having to provide the corresponding certificates.

The purchaser must prove that the funds with which the purchase is being made are being used, for which he/she must submit the documentation evidencing such funds (see Link “Requirements and Conditions” at >> people>>auctions>>>requirements and conditions.

Boe auction with no minimum bid

It is possible that you have heard about it but you are not sure what it consists of, who carries it out or how it works. The notarial auction is an interesting option to get that home to live in. In this post we share with you all the details, so that you know how auctions work.

So that we understand each other, the minimum bid is the minimum possible price that is set to avoid being awarded for a value lower than the real value of the auctioned property. And the best bid is the highest price that has been offered to acquire the property. You will be able to bid until the end of the term established in the announcement.

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The most usual thing is that you have to make a deposit to be able to participate in the notarial auction. Either through a deposit in a bank account or through a bank check to be presented at the time of bidding. The amount of the deposit varies a lot between auctions, but you will find it on the file of the property to be auctioned. By the way, the deposit is returned to all bidders who have not been awarded the property.

What is a public auction

Categorized questionsFind answers to the most frequently asked questionsWe have divided all the frequently asked questions into different sections to make it easier for you to navigate. In addition, if you have any questions that are not answered in these questions you always have the team of advisors at your disposal, but to make the advice more efficient and effective we recommend you to read the page of the service you are interested in and the FAQ related to your doubts. This way the conversation with our advisors will be much more productive and we will be able to help you in a more professional way.

The basic steps we must take to participate in any auction are:Remember that we can help you with everything so you don’t have to worry about anything. There are two aspects that you should also keep in mind:POSSIBLE REFORM: We can help you to gather information about the property so that you can decide but you can not visit the properties, so in our maximum bid, we will keep in mind a possible reform that would have to be done to the property (Even so, it is still a very profitable option!)OCCUPATION: Although the properties may be unoccupied, that the properties are occupied by their previous owners is something more than usual and natural in these processes. The same court resolves on the vacancy in the same procedure.

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How boe auctions work

The transferor guarantees that he/she is the owner of the deposited goods or that he/she is validly authorized by the legitimate owner, being able to dispose of them free of claims, charges and other encumbrances. ABALARTE SUBASTAS INTERNACIONALES S.L. (hereinafter the Room) reserves the right to admit or reject the goods offered for auction or direct sale. Once an item has been accepted by the Room and delivered by the seller, the Room shall become the depositary of the same. Where appropriate, it shall proceed to its appraisal and valuation by qualified personnel, as well as to its restoration, framing or cleaning or other similar services, to the extent that they are requested by the seller, who shall bear all expenses incurred in advance upon acceptance of the estimate provided for that purpose.

The Auction Exit Price of each lot, which represents the minimum sale price of each lot unless a Reserve Price has been established (minimum value below which the lot may not be sold), shall be established by mutual agreement between the Room and the Seller.

How much is a deposit at an auction?
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