How much should you commission a portrait?

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Oil painting, from the Latin oleum (“oil”),[1] is a painting technique. It consists of mixing pigments with an oil-based binder, usually of vegetable origin. By extension, it is called oil painting to the pictorial work executed by this technique, which admits supports of very varied nature: metal, wood, stone, ivory, although the most common is that it is applied on canvas or board.

animal glue and plaster, which make the surface smooth and uniform; this is called priming. Although at first most of the oil paintings were on wood support, from the seventeenth century with the Baroque art painters chose canvas as their favorite support for their paintings, being this more practical for the development of large compositions because of its ability to be rolled up, besides suffering less thermal variations and the attack of xylophagous insects.

First, the artist would prepare the wall to receive the paint (priming). The technique is described by Giorgio Vasari (1511-1574), architect and painter and Italian art theorist in his work Le Vite.[5] The technique is described by Giorgio Vasari (1511-1574), architect and painter and theorist of Italian art in his work Le Vite.[5

Oil portraits prices peru

As always, it is a pleasure to be able to draw a composite pencil portrait like this one. I appreciate the confidence that people who come to me to draw with pencils or other techniques their faces on paper.

The first step to make simple pencil portraits is to analyze the photo, see where the light comes from, analyze the reflections of the eyes, the shadows that give volume to the face and above all familiarize yourself with the person to capture his soul.

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With these simple and easy steps you will be able to make your first portrait. My recommendation is to start drawing pencil portraits of celebrities, the photos usually have great quality and detail which helps a lot to get good results with a high degree of realism.

Prices may vary if they contain more than one person, if you want to know more about prices you can go to the portrait prices section, where you can find out how I calculate the price of pencil portraits.

Remember that you can order your portrait, painting, painting, pencil drawing from the contact section, portraits on request, where you just have to fill out the contact form or call us by phone.

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The oil portrait along with the pencil portrait is one of the most demanded. It can be done on canvas or board with the pictorial style you like the most. It can be a realistic portrait or a hyperrealistic portrait, use brush, palette knife, here the possibilities are enormous.

Our pencil portraits, and our charcoal portraits, are made on paper, on special cardboard for pencil, which is manufactured in various shades, such as gray and light cream, and on canvas. Of course, at the end of the work, they are well fixed with special lacquers.

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And if you want to amaze and astonish all the relatives and guests at the First Communion, we suggest you to make the Communion Reminders with the reproduction of the portrait in watercolor. They will look great if, in addition, the protagonist writes with his handwriting the text of the reminder.

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For the result to be satisfactory, the photograph must be of high quality and in high resolution. Any photograph is not valid. We recommend close-up photographs.  We recommend that you like the photo and how the person comes out, remember that it will be a gift for life.

Send us a photo that shows the good side of the person to be portrayed. If you don’t like the way you look in the photo, or you think that the person to be portrayed is not favored, then choose another photo. Think that, since we do not know the person we are going to paint, we will not be able to make a good drawing if the photo is not good and the person, in the painting, will not look much better than in the photo.

How much should you commission a portrait?
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