Is 1 oz 100 proof alcohol a standard serving?

How much is 12 ounces of beer

There are many myths about this subject and here are the answers you are looking for. In order to talk about the amount of alcoholic beverages that a human being can consume without getting drunk, we would have to start by defining certain basic concepts and processes that help us understand the composition of alcoholic beverages and mainly tequila.

In order to measure how much we should drink, the concept of Standard Drink has been arrived at in Mexico. Discover in this article how this concept is reached. With this we can know that an adult man should not consume more than one and a half ounces in an hour and a woman one ounce in an hour. We invite you to read the whole article to learn how this concept was arrived at.

Ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol, is a colorless chemical compound, with a strong odor, volatile and flammable; it is obtained by distillation of fermented products of sugary or starchy mixtures such as grapes, molasses, beets or potatoes; and is part of the composition of beverages such as wine, beer and tequila, among others.

Alcohol content in beverages

How can we measure in a simplified way the amount of alcohol we consume with each drink? The standard basic unit of alcohol (SBU) is a way of measuring the grams of alcohol consumed by each type of beverage in order to simplify the calculation of alcohol consumption and to detect consumers with a pattern of consumption of greater risk to their health. One EBU corresponds to 10 grams of pure alcohol. To calculate we must use the following formula (1).

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In reality these quantities are much higher than would be ideal, but they mark the limit above which alcohol consumption is clearly harmful and causes problems in the long term, and it must be clear that lower consumption, even if it is low risk, still involves risks and is not beneficial.

Some of you may have done the math and thought that you can have a few shots every day and have a low-risk consumption (I insist, not beneficial). But it is not that simple for several reasons:

Alcohol is an addictive, toxic drug that causes major physical, mental and social health problems all over the world. A substance with this potential cannot be promoted as healthy because it would incite abuse at the population level. As we have seen, not all types of alcohol have the same effect.

How much alcohol does it take to get drunk?

The standard drink (ST) or standard drinking unit (SBU) is a unit of measurement that defines the pure alcohol content of a beverage. Its value is usually stated in grams and has different uses in research, screening, brief interventions, issuing guidelines for low-risk drinking, among others.

Its value varies from country to country, as it depends largely on local customs. For example, in Canada its value is 13.6 grams,[1] in the United States 14 grams[2] and in Mexico 13 grams[3].

The pure ethyl alcohol content is usually expressed in grams, due to the recommendation of the World Health Organization to report the result of studies or surveys in an internationally standardized manner, i.e. in milliliters or grams. Thus “assisting the international communication of epidemiological and other scientific research.”

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“By specific gravity, one milliliter of alcohol contains 0.785 g of pure alcohol; therefore, the WHO definition with respect to standard beverages is approximately 13 g of alcohol. It should be remembered that in Europe, a standard drink contains approximately 10 g of alcohol.”

Table of alcohol content

While most countries drink liquor, in the U.S. they prefer beer. The Beverage Marketing Corp tracks these figures: in 2017, each American of drinking age drank about 102.2 liters of beer (or 216 pints), 9.8 liters of wine and 8.3 liters of spirits.

For example, a standard drink of beer is a 355-milliliter (12-ounce) can. For malt liquor, it is 251 milliliters (8 to 9 fluid ounces). A standard drink of red or white wine is about 148 milliliters (5 fluid ounces).

Light beer used to contain about 100 calories, while a regular beer averaged 153 calories per 12-ounce (354 milliliter) can or bottle. That’s equal to two or three chocolate Oreo cookies.

Let’s say you chose a top-rated API, such as Sierra Nevada Bigfoot (9.6% alcohol) or Narwhal (10.2% alcohol): you’re drinking between 318 and 344 calories, almost as much as a McDonald’s cheeseburger. But did you drink just one?

Is 1 oz 100 proof alcohol a standard serving?
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