Is blindness the worst disability?

Is blindness the worst disability?

Visual disability 2019

The protectionism to which they were subjected is fine, but without excesses, and allowing them to have the freedom to live their lives once they reached adulthood, as subjects with full rights they should be.    There are enough obstacles in their day to day lives, without having to fight for the most basic rights. But they have had to do it, even if we think that as the Constitution says: we are all equal, with the same rights.

With the Master in Social Education, you will learn the processes of social participation, helping to improve the capabilities of groups, especially those who are more vulnerable or at risk of social exclusion, such as the cases described in this article.

Visual impairment due to accident

During his speech at this meeting of the New Economy Forum, Carballeda stressed that it is “the largest international assembly on visual impairment ever held,” which will also be joined by more than 200 organizations representing blind people on five continents.

“We have had to adapt, like everyone else,” explained Carballeda, “and we decidedly opted for a digital format, which would be accessible and allow blind people to participate from anywhere in the world.”

He added that, for this reason, “we have used a large part of the aid we received for the organization of the summit” to ensure accessibility. “We want to ensure that representatives of associations from all the participating countries can maintain a dialogue with us and, together, address the future of blind people”.

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The heads of UGT and Cepes also highlighted the contribution of the ONCE Social Group to job creation and social inclusion, while Luciano Poyato emphasized the work carried out during the pandemic.

Profound visual impairment

Visual impairment is the consideration of total or partial visual impairment. It is measured through various parameters, such as near and distance reading ability, visual field or visual acuity.

In this sense, when we speak in general of blindness or visual impairment, we are referring to conditions characterized by a total or very serious limitation of visual function in one or more of these measured parameters. In other words, these are people who either do not see at all or, in the best of cases, even when wearing glasses or using other optical aids, see much less than normal and make a great effort to focus.

This severe loss of vision functionality will manifest itself, on the one hand, in very severe limitations of the person to carry out independently their movements, activities of daily living, or access to information. On the other hand, in restrictions for the access and participation of the person in his or her different living environments: education, work, leisure, etc., and which take the form not only of physical and architectural barriers, but also social and attitudinal barriers.

Acquired blindness

Of course, this is one more circumstance to be evaluated by the judge, in addition to the profession, age and other circumstances; but it can be said that if the main pathology is the loss of sight and does not reach the minimum percentages established in the table, it is practically certain that the worker will not deserve any permanent disability no matter how much he/she appeals.

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There is also another guiding criterion, and it is the Regulation of Work Accidents of June 22, 1956, which is usually used by the judge, and it is that the loss of one eye if the other is reduced by 50% is considered absolute permanent disability.

Is blindness the worst disability?
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