Is it legal to sell art reproductions?

Selling replicas of famous paintings

Last week a comment from Bobbye to the post about the Decorations of series and movies, asked if you are in favor or against the copies of famous works of art by painters such as Modigliani, Matisse, Willem de Kooning, Goya, Mark Rothko or Pollock for our living rooms.

It is a very personal subject and every opinion is respectable. Here, although it may not seem so, the subject of sensations, pleasure and taste merge with that of art as an investment. Throughout history there have been copyists infinitely better than the paintings they “copied” and all the great museums have in their ranks wonderful unknown artists who are able to reproduce with their brushes great works of art.

The opposite can also happen, renowned artists who run out of inspiration and make “versions” of works by other artists, here I bring you an image of a painting by Álvaro Henriquez from 2004 and another by Rafael Canogar, much later, which if it is not a copy, it is certainly a version or an inspiration.

Online art sales

3. Artprice: Based in France, founded and directed in 1987 by Thierry Ehrmann, it is the result of a great teamwork on the art market. It allows to publish free advertisements of works for sale.

11.  Newbloodart: The Englishwoman Sarah Ryan founded in 2004 the online art gallery New Blood Art. This platform makes a rigorous selection to identify emerging artists and choose which works are accessible.

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Café Convertes: Websites for the presentation of artists, diffusion and sale of works, on the Internet. Creation, maintenance of websites and social networks, advice on cultural actions and development, curatorial work from start to finish. Online and offline exhibitions. Large selection of graphic/numbered works signed by the artist. Important discounts for members.

“Internet as a global market to sell your art”, shows you how the possibilities of making your work known are multiplied by a thousand and your online presence becomes a permanent showcase twenty-four hours a day.

The gioconda

The data provided are shared with third parties if necessary for the operation of the website. In case of placing an order, the information concerning the pick-up address, in the case of the artist’s data, and the delivery address, in the case of the data provided by the buyer, is shared with third parties.

Access to the Website is governed by the General Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy that the user accepts at the time of registration on the Website and that will be applicable, in the version in force at any given time, each time the user accesses the Website; and the purchase of any product on the Website is governed by these General Conditions of Contract. In case of divergence between these General Terms and Conditions and the General Conditions of Use and/or the Privacy Policy, the text of the General Terms and Conditions shall always prevail.

In the case of original works that come directly from the author and involve an export-import, the author is considered the exporter, being responsible for the entire export management. In the same way, the buyer shall be considered as the importer of the work, having to pay to the shipper or courier at the time of delivery the amounts accrued in case there are import duties or taxes.

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The persistence of the mem

Legislation does not usually contain an exhaustive list of works covered by copyright. However, in general terms, works commonly protected by copyright around the world include the following:

Copyright protection covers only expressions, but not ideas, procedures, methods of operation or mathematical concepts per se. Copyright may or may not cover elements such as titles, slogans or logos, depending on whether the authorship of the work is sufficient.

In most cases, copyright law stipulates that the owner of the rights has the economic right to authorize or prevent certain uses of the work or, in some cases, to receive remuneration for the use of the work (e.g., through collective management). The holder of economic rights in a work may prohibit or authorize:

Examples of universally recognized moral rights include the right to claim authorship of the work and the right to oppose any modification of the work that may harm the reputation of the creator.

Is it legal to sell art reproductions?
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