Is T-Mobile paying $20 an hour?

Is T-Mobile paying $20 an hour?

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In fact, some activists have already begun to demand higher pay than $15 an hour, arguing the high cost of living due to inflation. Either way, the minimum wage increases in at least 26 states in 2022, setting a favorable precedent in the U.S. labor environment.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the minimum wage increases in 2022, which has marked a major milestone for many businesses. Including supermarkets and restaurants*. For the first time, the average wage for workers at those companies is more than $15 an hour.

In contrast, companies like Amazon have been known to invest in their human capital and take their base pay very seriously. This global ecommerce giant has made sure to pay $18 dollars per hour, on average, to its employees. Those who started to become part of its workforce since last September.

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Despite the minimum wage increase in 2022 in these 26 states across the country, some anti-poverty advocates are dissatisfied with the move. In their view, the $15 per hour pay does not allow them to meet their basic requirements. Inflation is said to pulverize their income.

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At Amazon you are paying $18 dollars per hour, at Costco $17 dollars per hour, at T-Mobile at least $20 dollars per hour. These decisions are due to the current shortage of employees in the United States.

A few days ago it was announced that at least 26 U.S. states will experience increases in the minimum hourly wage, but it seems that some employers are anticipating these increases and are already offering them to their workers.

Various sectors of U.S. employees have been pushing for earnings of at least $15 per hour. Currently, the high costs being paid for inflation in products and services are making wage increases almost mandatory.

While in 2022, 26 U.S. states will raise their minimum wages, only in California and parts of New York will hourly pay be at least $15, and with the problem of employee shortages in different industries, many employers are making the decision to advance their workers’ wages now.

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When it came to the experiment, we set ourselves a few conditions. On the one hand, no credit card or cell phone entries on websites or in applications. On the other hand, we had to be honest in the surveys and answer true to our profile, i.e. without making up the data. Finally, we try to invest a reasonable amount of time in our spare time as a normal user would do, not spending eight hours a day as if it were a full-time job.

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We also try to be consistent and dedicate a little time every day, within our means. We had the MWC 2019 in between and some important presentations, so there have been days when the current events have not let us download apps or do surveys. It is something that has not affected the final result since, let’s remember, it is about doing a routine similar to that of a normal or casual user. Having said that, let’s get started.

There are several tasks, such as downloading and running an app for X seconds or downloading, opening and keeping the app installed for X days. Those are the easy ones. Then there are the complicated ones, which are also the ones that are worth the most points, that require you to register an account and make a deposit of X euros, download a game and get to such and such a level and do such and such an action, etc. In short, getting a few coins is easy, but if you want to advance faster, the time to invest is higher.

Is T-Mobile paying $20 an hour?
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