Is there fracking in Wyoming?

Is there fracking in Wyoming?

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When we talk about fracking or hydraulic fracturing, we are talking about the extraction of unconventional gas, a family that includes fields known as shale gas, shale gas and shale gas.5 To understand what unconventional gas is, let us first look at how gas is usually found in a conventional reservoir and the two fundamental properties of hydrocarbon reservoirs:

Gas and oil are normally found in rocks with high porosity, in which the pores are also well connected to each other, and have a high permeability.  We are mainly talking about sandstones and limestones. Unconventional gas, however, is found in rocks with very low porosity and low permeability.  The major drawback is that the extraction rate of gas is not as high as with conventional gas.  This means that it is not possible to make quick revenues from the sale of the gas, which affects the economic profitability of the project.

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Remember we told you about the studies that have been conducted by different universities in the United States to evaluate the effects of fracking? Here are the 10 most recent analyses on the subject. You can find the complete compendium in this link.

“The most interesting thing we found is that the chemical composition of groundwater reservoirs in one of the areas with the most shale development – it has about 1,400 natural gas wells – does not appear to have worsened over time and may even be improving.”

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“Direct migration of contaminants from specific injection zones is very unlikely to lead to contamination of water bodies that could potentially be used for drinking water” (p. 128).

“No positive relationship was found between CH4 concentration in groundwater and proximity to gas well sites, and no significant changes in CH4 concentration, CH4 isotopic composition, pH, or conductivity were found in water wells during the study period.” (Abstract)

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In the magazine of the UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), Andres Buenfil wrote that the world is governed by oil prices, the lack of supply of hydrocarbons or a growth in demand (population) that exceeds the reserves, can cause socioeconomic crises in most countries of the planet; if prices rise, as they did in 2008, oil producers such as Colombia, Venezuela and the Middle East benefit, due to the scarcity of reserves, but if prices fall, as they have since 2014, consumers benefit, due to the amount of oil extracted.

In 2005, it was believed that oil consumption would decrease due to the lack of reserves, what would become of our society? However, in 2012, the USA began to invest in a technique that stimulates the source rock where hydrocarbons are trapped through hydraulic fracturing, called fracking; Elisa Moreu, professor at the University of Zaragoza, describes in her legal framework of fracking extraction, that this consists of injecting at high pressure millions of liters of water mixed with sand and chemicals, to break the rock and release the resource towards the formation of wells excavated on the surface. Thanks to this method, the U.S. has become the world’s leading producer of hydrocarbons, why buy from the Middle East and Colombia?

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Hydraulic fracturing, hydraulic fracturing[1] or hydrofracturing[2] (known in other countries as fracking) is a technique to enable or increase the extraction of gas and oil from the subsurface, being one of the techniques used to stimulate wells in hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Proponents of hydraulic fracturing argue that the technique has no greater risks than any other technology used by the industry, and point to the economic benefits of the vast quantities of previously inaccessible hydrocarbons that this new technique allows to extract.[6][7] The industry argues that those exceptional cases in which contamination may have occurred, it has been due to the use of bad practices such as defects in the construction of wells or in the treatment of wastewater, but not the hydraulic fracturing itself.[8] The industry argues that injections into the subsoil of the wells, which are injected into the wells, may have caused contamination, but not the hydraulic fracturing itself.[9] Injections into the subsoil of the wells may have caused the contamination.

Subsurface injections to promote oil extraction date back to 1860, on the East Coast of North America, using nitroglycerin at that time. In 1930 acids began to be used instead of explosive materials, but it was in 1947 that the possibility of using water was first studied. This method began to be applied industrially in 1949 by the Stanolind Oil Company.[3] This method was first studied in 1949.

Is there fracking in Wyoming?
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