Should you get full pay if injured at work?

If I do not have insurance in my job and I get sick.

These workers are covered, regardless of the work they perform, whether manual or intellectual, or regardless of the nature of the company, institution, service or person for whom they work; including domestic workers and workers subject to apprenticeship contracts.

Those self-employed workers who receive incomes other than those established in Article 42 N°2 of the Income Tax Law, or who, receiving them, are not obliged to pay contributions, may voluntarily pay contributions for the Insurance of Law N°16,744, provided that in the corresponding month they pay contributions for pensions and health.

Pursuant to Article 152 quater G of the Labor Code, “telecommuting” is that in which the worker renders his services, totally or partially, from his home or other place or places different from the establishments, facilities or tasks of the company and it is called “teleworking” when the services are rendered through the use of technological, computer or telecommunications means or when they must be reported through such means. Therefore, teleworking is a form of telecommuting.

I have an accident at work and I do not have social security

In any company, a worker may have an accident while working. Accidents can range from very minor to very serious and can even cause the death of the worker.

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Depending on the severity of the accident, there will be different consequences. So both the company and the worker must be very clear about the steps to follow in the event of an accident at work, especially when you are in charge of the management of equipment.

It is very important that you know well the responsibilities that the company has in case of an accident at work. Every company with employees must contract a health care service with a collaborating mutual insurance company or have its own medical service, so that all injured workers can receive health care.

Do you know the procedures to follow if a worker in your company suffers an accident at work? Do you know the different types of accidents at work that can occur in a company?    If you do not know what to do in case of an accident at work, you are very interested in reading this article, because you will discover not only how to act in these cases but also the types of accidents at work that exist, the labor laws and the rights that an injured worker has and all the documentation that you should prepare.

Off-the-job accident who pays

The most frequent cause of controversies lies in the insignificant indemnities that are recognized to workers by the Superintendence of Labor Risks. In addition to this, poor medical attention, mistreatment of workers in medical institutions and the frequent delay or non-payment of wages during the period of sick leave should not be overlooked.

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The determination of the injuries and illnesses covered, as well as the amount of disability points in each case, generate complex problems that give rise to controversies, and that is when you need a law firm with experience in ART (occupational risk insurers) protecting your rights, making sure you receive fair payment and proper medical care for your injuries.

Report your work-related injury or illness, regardless of the nature or severity to your boss or shop steward. If they fail to do so, report the claim by contacting your ART or call the Superintendencia de Riesgos del Trabajo at 0800-666-6778, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 7 pm.

What to do if I get hurt at work

>In order to be considered an “accident at work” there must be a causal link, a relationship between the injury that has occurred and the work, whether the work is the direct or indirect cause of the injury. If there is no such nexus, the accident will be “non-occupational”, the protection of which is lower.

Self-employed workers (the self-employed), since January 1, 2019, are obliged to pay contributions for professional contingencies, so that they are also protected against occupational accidents.

Should you get full pay if injured at work?
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