What are 5 duties of the president?

The duties of the President of the Republic are the following, except for the following

10. To give a vote of no confidence to the Executive Vice President and to the Ministers. The motion of censure may only be discussed two days after being presented to the Assembly, which may decide, by a three-fifths majority of the deputies, that the vote of censure implies the dismissal of the Executive Vice President or the Minister.

20. To qualify its members and to hear of their resignation. The temporary removal of a deputy may only be agreed upon by a vote of two thirds of the deputies present.

2. The Governors and Secretaries of Government of the States and authorities of similar rank of the Capital District, up to three months after the absolute separation from office.

Deputies to the National Assembly may not be owners, administrators or directors of companies that contract with state juridical persons, nor may they manage particular cases of lucrative interest with the same. During the voting on cases in which conflicts of economic interests arise, the members of the National Assembly who are involved in such conflicts must abstain.

Functions of the president of the republic of colombia

In effect, all the constitutional powers and organs have been the object of laws that, subsequent to the Constitution, establish the guidelines for their organization, competence and rules of operation in the light of the apex norm of our democratic order.

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The 1978 Constitution establishes the basic principles and criteria that should govern the legal regime of the Government, and Article 97 is the key precept in determining its constitutional position.

At the same time, Article 98 contains a mandate addressed to the legislator to proceed to the corresponding normative development of the aforementioned constitutional body with regard to the determination of its members and their status and incompatibilities.

On the other hand, the Government cannot be deprived of its own characteristics of constitutional origin except through a reform of the Constitution (“institutional guarantee”). However, the legislative power can and must operate autonomously as long as it does not infringe constitutional principles or norms.

Functions of the president of chile

2. To direct international relations. To appoint diplomatic and consular agents, receive the respective agents and enter into treaties or agreements with other States and entities of international law, which shall be submitted to Congress for approval.

12. To submit a report to Congress, at the beginning of each legislature, on the acts of the Administration, on the execution of the plans and programs of economic and social development, and on the projects that the Government intends to carry out during the term of the new legislature.

16. To modify the structure of the Ministries, Administrative Departments and other national administrative entities or agencies, subject to the general principles and rules defined by law.

What is the role of the president?

Among other powers and responsibilities, Article 189 of the Constitution charges the president with directing international relations, being commander in chief of the Colombian Armed Forces, and granting pardons for political crimes (Article 201), among other functions.

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Along with the military forces, the president is also in charge of foreign relations through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the president is responsible for the protection of Colombians abroad and foreign citizens in Colombia. The president decides the appointment of ambassadors, reception of ambassadors from other countries, when new nations and new governments are to be recognized and negotiates treaties with other nations, which become effective in Colombia when approved by congress.[12]

The president has the power to propose a shortlist for the election of the prosecutor,[14] to be chosen by the Supreme Court, three candidates for the Constitutional Court to be chosen by the Senate and, at the head of the government, shortlists of candidates for the Superior Council of the Judiciary,[15] to be chosen by the full Congress. The government may also grant pardons for political crimes in accordance with the law.

What are 5 duties of the president?
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