What are the four types of workers compensation benefits?

What are the four types of workers compensation benefits?

Types of occupational accidents and their classification

The current occupational health provisions related to the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases and the improvement of working conditions, with the modifications provided for in this decree, are an integral part of the general system of occupational risks.

a.      Establish the promotion and prevention activities aimed at improving the working conditions and health of the working population, protecting them against risks derived from the organization of work that may affect individual or collective health in workplaces, such as physical, chemical, biological, ergonomic, psychosocial, sanitation and safety risks.

b.      To establish the health care benefits for workers and the economic benefits for temporary incapacity or that may be applicable in the event of occupational accidents and occupational diseases.

c.      To recognize and pay to the affiliates the economic benefits for partial permanent incapacity or disability, derived from the contingencies of occupational accident or occupational disease and death of occupational origin.

Types of occupational accidents law 29783

Pursuant to Article 5 of Law No. 16,744, an occupational accident is any injury suffered by a person as a result of or in connection with work that causes incapacity or death.

Emergency medical benefits received abroad for occupational accidents occurring outside the country must be paid by the employer, who may request reimbursement in local currency from the respective administering agency, presenting the corresponding invoices with the certification of the respective Chilean consul stating the effectiveness of the accident and that the expense incurred is within the usual rates of the health services of the country in question.

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When the force majeure that causes the accident suffered by a worker has its origin in a circumstance inherent to the work – that is to say, when the unforeseen event that cannot be resisted is related to the work, in such a way that the factors and/or elements of the work have been a means through which the force majeure operates – the accident must be classified as work-related. Thus, for example, the breakage of a machine or explosion of a boiler, despite the care and precautions taken, or accidents occurring during a flood that affects a camp, correspond to this type of accident.

Types of occupational accidents pdf

Economic Benefits include benefits for temporary disability (subsidies) and permanent disability (indemnities and pensions). They are established with the purpose that the injured worker maintains his economic income due to the accident or occupational disease.

The employer has the obligation to take measures to make the work to be performed safer and healthier. The law has made the employer responsible for preventing the occurrence of accidents at work and must take all necessary measures to do so.

Types of accidents at work in Argentina

The legislation determines that “an accident at work is any bodily injury that the worker suffers on the occasion or as a consequence of the work he/she performs as an employee” (art. 115 LGSS) this definition is still valid for counting accidents at work, but with the approval of law 20/2007 self-employed workers (not working as employees) are entitled to benefits for occupational contingencies, in the case of economically dependent self-employed workers the contribution is mandatory and therefore the benefit and for the rest of the self-employed workers this contribution is voluntary.

What are the four types of workers compensation benefits?
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