What are the types of conference committee?

Organizing Committee

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This coalition concluded that childhood asthma was reaching epidemic proportions in several cities and rural areas, and therefore decided to organize a statewide congress on the topic. The members appointed a committee and a coordinator, hired the city’s convention center, which has a capacity of 1,250 people, and booked blocks of rooms in two large hotels nearby. They found that recognized authorities on asthma were interested in speaking or leading workshops. One of the foremost experts on the subject agreed to be the keynote speaker, in exchange for covering his expenses.

Seven women volunteered to form the organizing committee. None had ever even attended a conference or meeting before, but they received help from one of the coalition coordinators, and one of them knew a reporter who worked at the local newspaper.    The reporter did a story on the women and the congress and, as a result, a local religious retreat center offered the use of its facilities for a day. When she heard about the congress, the breast cancer specialist at the local hospital offered to do a workshop and contacted one of the hospital’s social workers to do the same.    The committee contacted a leading breast cancer activist and she also agreed to participate.

General Services Committee

In 1978, as a result of the first special session of the General Assembly devoted to disarmament (SSOD-I), the CCD was transformed into the Disarmament Committee. The Disarmament Committee had forty member states, including for the first time the five nuclear powers in the multilateral negotiating forum.

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Unfortunately, due to divergences on how to deal with certain agenda items, since 1997 the CD has not been able to adopt and implement a program of work that would allow it to resume its substantive work and resume the function for which it was created.

During the 2015 Session of the Conference on Disarmament, in rotating alphabetical order, Mexico assumed the Presidency of this forum. Several initiatives were presented during Mexico’s presidency; the President’s official summary, which presents the most relevant events of that period, can be consulted at the following web address:

The Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on their Destruction (BWC) was the first international multilateral instrument prohibiting the development, production, acquisition, transfer, stockpiling and use of an entire category of weapons of mass destruction. The Convention was opened for signature on April 10, 1972 and entered into force on March 26, 1975. The Government of Mexico deposited its instrument of ratification on April 8, 1974.

Types of committees at an event

In many organizations, executives and their teams spend up to two hours a day in ineffective meetings. This happens because there is no prior meeting and conference planning work focused on leveraging the time and the knowledge and experience of those who attend them.

Thus, when done, meeting and conference planning can save an enormous amount of money for the organization, improve the productivity of work teams and enhance projects, which are advanced at all levels.

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But meeting and conference planning, like everything else in the organizational world, must meet certain criteria. There are a few steps to follow for the result to be truly satisfactory.

The planning of meetings and conferences begins with the definition of the type of activity to be carried out. Some meetings are merely informative in nature, while others focus on project planning. But there are also those aimed at solving certain problems.

Types of committees in management

The Labor Coexistence Committee is composed of two representatives of the employer and two representatives of the workers.  If the company has more than 50 employees, it must be made up of six members: three representatives of the workers and three of the employer; and with more than 500 employees, it must be made up of 8 members: four representatives of each party, employees and employers respectively.

Among the functions of the Coexistence Committee are the following: to receive, process and analyze complaints, listen to the parties involved, create spaces for dialogue, formulate a concerted plan that leads to an improvement of the conflict and suggest preventive and corrective measures, in order to promote an excellent working environment and foster positive relations among the company’s employees.

What are the types of conference committee?
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