What does a scholarship committee do?

Coeducation for green and yellow light states

Please note that you will not be able to submit the form until you have uploaded the following required documents:The application will be made exclusively online. Once the completed application with all documents has been received, you will receive a confirmation by email. If you have any questions or queries, please contact us before submitting your application (info[at]avh.de). We will be happy to assist you.

From the applications submitted, the selection committee chooses suitable candidates, who are invited to an audition and notified by the end of April at the latest. The audition and final selection take place in Madrid, usually in late May or early June. The procedure (from receipt of applications to notification of selection) takes approximately five months in total.

Evaluation of Sembrando Vida, from San Mateo Etlatongo

He emphasized that it is a fundamental priority for the State Government, headed by Governor Adán Augusto López Hernández, to ensure greater coverage, equity and inclusion at all educational levels and to promote programs that allow progress to be made to improve school achievement.

The installation of the State Committee of Private Scholarships was carried out in compliance with Article 149, section III of the General Education Law and General Guidelines for the granting of these student supports and is framed in the transparency and impartiality of the results in the allocation of scholarships in private schools that have authorization and recognition of official validity of studies.

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The State Committee of Private Scholarships is integrated by: the Secretary of Education Egla Cornelio Landero, as president and the Undersecretary of Planning and Evaluation, Clara Luz Lamoyi Bocanegra, as secretary.

The Director of Information Technology and Telecommunications, Juan Simbrón García; the head of the Legal Support Unit of the General Coordination of Legal Affairs attached to SETAB, Jorge Alberto Cornelio Maldonado; the Director of School Control, Carlos Santiago Sánchez and the person in charge of the Internal Control Organ Unit, Guadalupe Castro Vidal were virtually present at the session.


Gathers information on internships at the European Food Safety Authority, European Economic and Social Committee, Court of Justice of the European Union, General Secretariat of the European Council, European Committee of the Regions, European Parliament, European Commission, European Railway Agency. The ONCE Foundation, VULCANUS and Fullbright scholarships are also reported.

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is a consultative body that provides an opportunity for Europe’s economic and social players to express their formal opinion on the Union’s policies.

The Court of Justice of the European Union offers paid traineeships in the offices of the Members of the Court of Justice and the General Court of the European Union and in the services of the Court of Justice.

Candidates must have a university degree in law or political science or, for traineeships in the Interpretation Directorate, a degree in conference interpreting. In any case, they must have a good level of French.

SCHOOL IS OUR SCHOOL Scholarships 2022-2023 Call for Applications

That, the National Scholarship and Educational Credit Program (PRONABEC) aims to contribute to equity in higher education by guaranteeing access to this stage for students with low economic resources and high academic performance, as well as their permanence and completion;

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That, through Ministerial Resolution No. 705-2017-MINEDU, a new Operations Manual of the National Scholarship and Educational Credit Program (PRONABEC) is approved, in order to allow improving the operation of the aforementioned Program and achieve the fulfillment of its purpose;

That, within the framework of the aforementioned norms, it is necessary to approve a new Regulation of Law No. 29837, with the purpose of improving the granting and management of scholarships and educational credits, which generate a greater impact on the target population of the National Scholarship and Educational Credit Program;

Approve the Regulations of Law No. 29837, Law that creates the National Scholarship and Educational Credit Program, which consists of two (02) Titles, fifty-five (55) articles, three (03) Final Complementary Provisions, five (05) Transitory Complementary Provisions and one (01) Annex, which is an integral part of this Supreme Decree.

What does a scholarship committee do?
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