What does Cartier stand for?

What does Cartier stand for?

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Cartier women’s watch

Surely, for many, the name Cartier evokes a world of wealth, princesses and empresses, actresses and high jewelry. And the fact is that, for more than a century and a half, wearing one of its pieces -whether a watch or a piece of jewelry- is a sign of distinction and class all over the world. What less people know is that this firm, born in Paris in 1847, is also the main responsible for the wristwatch to become popular among men in the early twentieth century, and one of the most influential in the aesthetic evolution of the times.

In 1874 Alfred Cartier took the reins of the business. He was responsible for expanding the firm, and was also the one who began to take seriously the subject of watchmaking, which for his father was secondary. Precisely, in 1888 we find the first reference of wrist models made by Cartier. Specifically, these were jewel-watches for women, as men used strictly pocket watches: thus, the first wristwatch models were strictly feminine, and were closer to a decorative bracelet than to what we understand today as a watch.

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Supreme elegance and a milestone in the jewelry industry. This is how we can define one of the most important bracelets in the world of fine jewelry: Love Bracelet by Cartier. It has an important story behind it that is worth discovering, so we tell you what you should know about this iconic bracelet.

How does the bracelet close? One of the characteristics that differentiated this piece from others, especially when it was created, lay in the way it was closed, as it was composed of two pieces that were joined with a screw, symbolizing the union between lovers, hence its name, simple but universal, Love.

Moreover, one could not buy the jewel oneself but it should always be a gift for another person, our partner. Thus, Love Bracelet by Cartier became a jewel that everyone wanted and many famous couples of the time acquired this bracelet that caused a sensation in Hollywood.

Among the various models of the Love Bracelet by Cartier, the Love Pavé stands out because it has a high price of about 60,000 euros, is made of 18 carat white gold and set with 216 brilliant-cut diamonds with a total of 3.16 carats.

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The complainants claim that authorized dealers are invoking the judgment of the European Court of Justice in the “Cartier” case of 13 January 1994 to refuse to recognize the validity of a factory warranty when the seller of the vehicle is not an authorized dealer. europa.eu

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In the “Cartier” judgment, the European Court of Justice recognized that the restriction of the manufacturer’s warranty to Cartier watches sold under the “Cartier” system could only be considered valid if the seller was an authorized dealer.

What does Cartier stand for?
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