What does the National Indian Gaming Commission do?

What does the National Indian Gaming Commission do?

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Currently the Mexican Federation of Indigenous and Traditional Games AC, organizes tournaments and recovers the sports activities of indigenous peoples, and Conade is responsible for the organization of the National Meeting of Indigenous and Traditional Games and Sports.

Sports among indigenous peoples have been developed as community socialization practices, activities within an established festival or simply as a cultural practice that has been inherited through oral tradition.

Among the traditional sports of this tournament is the Mixtec ball where a glove is used as a racket to pass the ball between the two teams facing each other; the Purepecha ball, which is practiced with wooden sticks to push a ball until it reaches the goal, a game that has three modalities, one of which is to play with the ball lit with fire, where the movement of the sun is represented.

In addition to the national effort, in 2015, Brazil took on the task of bringing together approximately 2,400 athletes from indigenous peoples, representing 24 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa, to participate in the first World Indigenous Peoples Games (JMPI) event.

What conade is responsible for

The purpose of the article was to reflect the importance of Aymara indigenous children’s play as a repository of previous knowledge, inadequately channeled from formal education, and that raised as a coherent proposal sets the main basis for intercultural education, which, in general, has been directed to indigenous populations, seeking that they recognize rights and different ways of thinking, even learning from diverse cultures, however, it has not been oriented to that group that discriminates (Urdapilleta, 2015), that holds power and has no interest in changing its position.

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The socialization process occurs mainly through play, a functional symbolic activity that provides basic mechanisms for community integration. In the case of the Inchupalla community, integration occurs as symbolic recreations of daily activities, so that all productive activities, whether communal or family, are recreated through games, which in turn provide knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for integration into future productive family life.

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This was announced by the president of the federative entity, Signia Villanueva, adding that the activities to be developed are a space that seeks to strengthen the cultural and spiritual identity of the native peoples at a national level.

The Minister of Sports, Karla Alemán, highlighted that the Sports and Recreational Federation of Indigenous Peoples has been working together with the Sports and Recreational Associations for the welfare of each inhabitant of the communities.

“Sport, recreation and physical activity should be an engine of social development, as it stimulates the improvement of people’s living conditions. With recreation and physical activity we seek an inclusive, physically active and healthy Costa Rica,” he stressed.

Finally, the Vice Minister of the Presidency for Political Affairs and Citizen Dialogue, Randall Ótarola, indicated that the National Ancestral Sports Games will strengthen the identity and knowledge of indigenous peoples, “by strengthening the link between them and nature and spirituality”.

Conade directory 2021

Subsequently, during the six-year term of Luis Echeverría, an organization specifically dedicated to sports was created, the National Sports Institute, which included, among other things, the formulation of national sports development plans, sports medicine research, promoting the massification of sports as a means of human development and, of course, in the midst of Mexican corporativism, regulating the already existing sports competitions of workers’, popular, peasant, parastatal and decentralized organizations. In addition, of course, to continue the work already done by his predecessor. This would be the first government body involved in the training and formation of high performance athletes, until then only linked to other organizations, such as the Armed Forces, Universities, Federations and the Mexican Olympic Committee itself.

What does the National Indian Gaming Commission do?
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