What is a guaranteed offer?


To enable partners to participate in guaranteed programmatic agreements, you can either accept the 4% fee and enable the Marketplace option from your partner account or contact your Display & Video 360 support team representative.

These agreements allow you to make direct buys with publishers without resorting to manual processes, such as exchanging tags, resolving discrepancies and managing multiple invoices. In addition, the use of audience targeting allows you to restrict the users to whom the ad is shown. With guaranteed programmatic, you can further automate transactions and consequently focus on your business priorities.

A request for proposal is a document sent by media planners (such as yourself) to inventory providers to request media (i.e. inventory) to be purchased for advertising purposes. Many inventory suppliers, or publishers, only provide inventory to buyers after they have received a request for proposal.


Apart from the majority unions, CCOO and UGT, which last Monday presented their proposal for a Guaranteed Income of 580 euros for discussion at one of the Social Dialogue tables, PP and PSOE have so far exchanged 4 working documents in which, although the amount of the Income is not specified, they have come to define the range in which the amount of the new ‘social salary’ will move: between the 527 euros currently received by recipients of the Minimum Insertion Income (IMI) and the 624 euros of the Minimum Interprofessional Wage (SMI).

Contrary to what has been proposed by the unions, the documents exchanged between the PP and the PSOE do not contemplate as potential recipients of the Guaranteed Income those retirees who receive reduced pensions (contributory or not), although the Socialists and the Popular Party are in favor that, once the Income is approved, all pensions should be “complemented” so that their amount reaches, at least, the minimum agreed upon in the negotiation.

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Guaranteed Deal

As we can see in the image, the process starts with a click, since we only have to request an offer on the website of our preference, entering the basic data of our apartment. Then, depending on the company, we will receive a call to ask for more information about the property, they will coordinate a visit with us or we will receive an initial offer for the house in our email within 24 hours to 48 hours.

Every short sale has its conditions. Therefore, we must take into account that this agility in the process implies that we cannot get the maximum profit for the apartment, since the iBuyer will offer a little below the market value of the house.

In addition, with a real estate agency we may be able to sell at a higher price, but we have no guarantee of how long it will take to find a buyer. Also, we must keep in mind that if the buyer needs financing, the mortgage approval process can take a month and a half to two months, so an immediate sale is not possible.

Types of programmatic buying

Likewise, the regulation of the benefit is a manifestation of the principle of stability, so that the receipt of the benefit is maintained as long as the situation of social exclusion that originated it and compliance with the established requirements, conditions and obligations persists.

Likewise, it takes into consideration the principle of individualized attention. Therefore, the benefit must respond in each case to the particular conditions and needs of its recipients, without forgetting, where appropriate, the peculiarities of the groups or collectives to which they belong.

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Therefore, the coverage of the basic needs of the most disadvantaged sectors of the population must be guaranteed and a guaranteed income system must be implemented with the aim of ensuring these minimum needs and developing the promotion and empowerment of the individual, both within society and in the labor market, as well as overcoming the conditions that have led him/her to need this benefit.

What is a guaranteed offer?
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