What is a monthly draw?

What is a monthly draw?

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All active savings accounts in bolivianos (any savings product in force at the time of the draw), of natural person, that comply with the characteristics described in the following sections, will participate:

The schedules established for the place and date of the drawing, as well as, for the place and date of delivery of prizes, must be fully complied with, unless there is a fortuitous case or force majeure or any other event beyond the sphere of control of Banco de Crédito de Bolivia S.A., in which case the scheduled event shall be suspended, and the Gaming Authority must be notified up to the next business day after the event that caused the suspension of the drawing or the delivery event has ceased, according to the nature of the specific case, in order to obtain the corresponding authorization for rescheduling.

Banco de Crédito de Bolivia S.A. reserves the right to use, free of charge, the names, identification data and image through any national or foreign mass media during or after the “Promo Millonaria 2021” business promotion, for which the clients give their real and current consent by participating.


Finding a location, choosing the style of decoration, looking for the perfect wedding dress and suit for the occasion, choosing the destination for the honeymoon, deciding what their new home will be and a long list of other activities is what couples who decide to say “I do” have to coordinate, resolve and, of course, pay for. It is true that it seems complex, but they say that couples with love can do anything and even more if luck surprises them with 50 thousand pesos like Erika and Daniel, the winners of our monthly raffle!

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Erika and Daniel met on a social network. After a while, they met in person and could not be separated. Their love grew more and more until they got engaged and then walked down the aisle.

One of the most incredible moments on their wedding day was the first look. This couple shared with us that, after the stress of planning the wedding and the effort they put in for thirteen months, it was finally time to know that it was all worth it. At the location there was a lake with lotus flowers and Daniel was waiting for Erika with his eyes covered. He felt anxious and excited, suddenly, she touched his shoulder, he turned and discovered her beautiful in her wedding dress. They could not articulate words, but the looks full of love said much more.


Participation in the contest implies that the rules set forth in this document are mandatory for participants and organizers. The simple participation in this promotional sweepstakes implies full knowledge and consequent acceptance by the contestant of all of these terms and conditions. By virtue of this, it is understood that the participant knows and has accepted in their entirety the provisions detailed below. Any violation of the same or of the procedures or systems established herein for the conduct of the contest implies the immediate exclusion from the contest and/or the revocation of the prizes.

FOURTH – MECHANICS. – The natural persons will be informed through different digital and traditional means, as well as in the different sales rooms so that they may register in the drawing at the time of making the purchase of the property.

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We inform you that you may exercise your rights to know, update, rectify and delete your personal information; as well as the right to revoke the consent granted for the processing of personal data provided for in Law 1581 of 2012, observing our policy of treatment of information available at:


Oriol and Laura have it clear. After their wedding they went on their honeymoon to the Dolomites, in Italy, because it was a place they really wanted to visit, and it allowed them to make the whole trip by car, something that was very important for them due to the pandemic. However, now, with the surprise of the raffle, they are planning to make a more complete trip or to a more distant place later on.

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, the protagonists of this story have already exchanged their alliances. A celebration in which everything went as planned and there were plenty of moments full of emotions and feelings. They both agree, moreover, in pointing out how handsome they both looked, and how well their respective outfits suited them.

They were delighted with the service and treatment they received from these companies and thank them for making it so easy for them: “We would like to highlight how easy and fast they made it so that everything went well. And, in addition, it was very familiar,” say both protagonists. An absolute success!

What is a monthly draw?
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