What is Keller Williams commission?

What is Keller Williams commission?


If there is one thing I learned during my time as a real estate agent, it is that regardless of the brand you are working for, you are your own real estate agent. Clients are not satisfied by the work of a brand, but by the work of the person who has helped them and given them the service, whatever the name.

Totally agree Sara… it is one of my questions to other agents “The fear of losing their positioning by leaving a brand” when the brand is themselves… their clients are loyal to them because of their good work, not with the brand…

For me it is important that relationships are based on win win, committing to payments without any guarantee of sale, does not seem to me a good pact for the agent, but a very good option for the franchise.

This is the way it should be… as you say, more ethical, transversal and win-win relationship. I am confident that soon it will be like that, there are only missing options that commit and make these advantageous agencies change their business plan so that they become more competitive and with better quality of retributions to the professionals.

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As soon as you join, you already receive 40% of the fees charged to the client, which is 6% of the sale price. When you have generated an income of 30,000 euros, you get 54%; and when you generate more than 85,000 euros, you get no more and no less than 81%. Compare that with a salary of one thousand euros. Every day I thank Piedad for encouraging me to become an associate agent.

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Of course. You have to be a person who is eager to work and who approaches this as if you were running your own business. I, for example, have gradually built up my team of three people who help me with rentals and paperwork, and I don’t even go to the office.

There is no secret, my job at the end of the day is to attract clients and be professional. Then there are many clients who already call you because they have spoken well of you and know you. Now I already have a trajectory and I work mainly with this type of referred clients, although I also continue to do recruitment work to increase the network of clients, I invest in advertising…

Keller Williams COMMAND 101 in English

Darren Kittleson is an Associate Agent with Team at Keller Williams, is a Principal Operator (Market Center Manager) and also an investor in the Market Cneters in Madison West and East. He began his real estate career in 1989 in Chicago, Illinois, and has since developed an award-winning real estate career in his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin.When Darren is not busy running his business, he is helping other agents find success through KW MAPS Coaching. He specializes in coaching Mega Teams that exceed $1 million or more in gross annual commission income. He is also an Official Instructor for Keller Williams University.This is a translated post from the Official Keller Williams Blog.If you want to subscribe to our Blog CLICK HERE.Looking for TalentKeller Williams Franchise

What is Keller Williams?

-Team leader is the person who manages the entire office, who is in charge of the agents for the audience here in the United States, it would be what a manager would be or for Latin America what a general manager would be.

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-My world is focused on the agent’s ecosystem based on their goals, whether they are short term or long term goals. I have to have them very clear, it doesn’t matter if the agent tells me they want to reach a thousand or they want to reach 100, once we have that clear then my role is to provide them with the resources and tools necessary to meet their goals.

What is Keller Williams commission?
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