What is multi vial policy?


In June 2011, the future cancellation of the card was communicated, which could be exchanged for a Bip! card free of charge. This was part of a plan that consisted in the replacement of the cards in authorized places (mostly Bip! Center), maintaining the balance of the Multivía card. As of August 1, 2011, this card became permanently unusable.[4][5][6] The card was of the reloadable type.

The card was of the reloadable type, i.e., it could be reloaded with a given amount several times at authorized charging stations, always in increments of $500 with a cap of $20,000. This was intended to make the payment method cashless and to integrate fares through Metro and Transantiago.[2] The card was to be rechargeable, i.e. it could be recharged several times at authorized charging stations, always in increments of $500 with a $20,000 cap.

What is multi vial policy? del momento

– Service roads, understood as roads built to facilitate access to adjoining properties or, in general, as auxiliary or complementary elements of the specific activities of the owners of such properties;

– the state-owned roads and paths that form part of the road annexed to the State Road Network, where the technical road regulations of the Ministry of Public Works are not generally applicable, although, as long as said annexed road is state-owned, it will be subject to the provisions of this Law, and its management will be the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Works.

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c) Consist of different carriageways for each direction of traffic, separated from each other, except at singular points or on a temporary basis, by a strip of land not intended for traffic or, in exceptional cases, by other means.

Freeways are roads which, while not meeting all the requirements of freeways, have separate carriageways for each direction of traffic and limited access to and from adjoining properties, and have no at-grade crossings.

What is multi vial policy? 2021

The State party should take all necessary measures to ensure the full exercise by prisoners of the right to complain, including the suspension of any statute of limitations for acts of torture and ill-treatment, by ensuring that prisoners have the possibility of

and their transfer to developing country Parties and to provide financial and other incentives to that end, in order to promote access to environmentally sound and affordable technologies.

What is multi vial policy? 2022

The presentation focused on the importance of urban development in the southern sector of Iquique, but where the historic sector should also be considered to a large extent. They also proposed that the major actions should focus on a plan for the Use of the Coastal Border, the definition of a trunk multivial system and a policy of alienation of public lands.

In this respect, the mayor emphasized the concern of the regional government regarding the updating of the regulatory plan and that, in the same way, those responsible for supporting this initiative should be clear about all its aspects.

Among those present, Alicia del Canto, Deputy Regional Manager for the Norte Grande, expressed “the responsibility of ensuring that construction and employment do not decline in the region. We must be more proactive and agile”.

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What is multi vial policy?
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