What is the best tasting apple in the world?

What is the best tasting apple in the world?

Granny smith apples

They were the first American green apples. Their flavor is a pleasant balance between sweetness and acidity and they are remarkably durable (some remain in good condition for up to six months after harvesting). They are ideal for making sauces and compotes.

They are beautifully proportioned, with thin, golden yellow skin showing a delicate reddish blush. They are a cross between Golden Delicious and New Zealand’s Kidd’s Orange Red. With yellowish, sweet flesh, they are good as a snack, but their delicate flavor fades with baking.

Its history goes back to farmer John McIntosh, who developed them in Ontario, Canada, in 1870. It is the most widely sold in the United States. It is red and rounded, with some greenish streaks and white, aromatic and very juicy flesh. They are good standing, baked and natural.

Originally from Rome, Ohio. They are round and slightly flattened, with crunchy flesh and delicately acid flavor. Their skin is very thick so they are not ideal raw, but are excellent for cider making or baking.

Golden apple

Variety can be both your best ally and your worst nightmare. When you have too many options, choosing the best ingredient can seem like an impossible task. For example, did you know that there are more than 100 varieties of apples? which one to buy? which one is the best to eat raw? or to bake desserts? or to make a sauce or a coulis? The secret is to know the characteristics of each variety in order to be able to select the one that will be of most benefit to us. Therefore, in Claustronomía, we present a brief classification of apples, as well as the characteristics of three varieties so that you can get the most out of them.

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On the other hand, in Mexico, the most cultivated apple variety is Golden Delicious. This is a deep yellow apple; its flesh is soft and sensitive to handling. It is moderately aromatic and very sweet; perhaps that is why it is the favorite of Mexican palates. Although it bruises easily, it does not tend to lose its shape during long cooking; that is why this variety is often used to make the traditional and decembrino punch. Thanks to its sweetness, it is also a good choice for baked desserts. However, it oxidizes easily, so it is not recommended to be used raw.

Pinto apples

The apple is the fruit of the apple tree, which belongs to the Rosaceae family, which includes most European fruits and other plants. The specific origin of this tree is not known exactly, but we can say that it dates back to the very origins of mankind. The apple is one of the most cultivated and consumed fruits throughout history, and it has also had a very important cultural and symbolic importance.

It is a reddish apple with yellow flesh. Very aromatic and juicy, its skin is smooth and firm. It stands out for its crunchy texture, which makes it very pleasant to eat as is, or as an ingredient for salads. It is also a highly recommended variety for cooking sauces due to its high juice content. It is harvested mainly from October until late spring.

Although, as we have seen, some varieties are more suitable for making sauces or sweets, in reality we can use any type in the kitchen. We cannot always have a specific variety, and that does not have to stop us if we want to bake a cake or prepare a sauce for a meat dish. It is important to keep in mind some general tips when using apples in our recipes.

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Golden red apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away…  This famous saying is justified by the undoubted nutritional qualities of the apple: when we eat an apple of 150 grams we are taking an interesting amount of fiber (about 3 grams). In addition, the apple provides different types of flavonoids that have antioxidant action, among other beneficial properties. All this in exchange for only about 75 kilocalories. Tempting, isn’t it?

There are more than a thousand varieties of apples worldwide, although in stores you will find a much smaller repertoire. Even so, the consumer who wants to buy apples will find different types of this fruit in the greengrocer’s shop. Each variety has its own characteristics (appearance, firmness, flavor…), to the taste of different types of consumers, which makes them very versatile foods in the kitchen.

The apple is a fruit that can continue its ripening process after harvesting, from late August to October in the northern hemisphere, because it is part of the climacteric fruits (such as pears, bananas, peaches, apricots, avocados, tomatoes, etc.).

What is the best tasting apple in the world?
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