What is the best time to call unemployment?

What is the best time to call unemployment?

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Voluntary resignation, everything you need to know. At such a delicate moment as leaving a job, as workers, we always ask ourselves what is the best option: whether to leave a stable position that we are familiar with or, on the other hand, to start a new project. Many times we already have an agreement with a new company and therefore the chances of success are greater, but sometimes we do it by jumping into the void, thus starting a new stage in our life. Be that as it may, from our labor law firm we want to guide you in this process where many times as workers we have doubts and some advice can help us and save us from future problems.

The most important thing at the time of a voluntary leave is the notice. The notice, as a general rule, has to be given 15 days in advance so that the company can replace the leave, hire another person or reorganize the tasks of the vacancy, but is it mandatory to give 15 days notice in case of voluntary leave? Not always, because although it is understood that the general term is 15 days, if the agreement governing the employment relationship states otherwise, the agreement will prevail.


1 Q: Where do I file for unemployment benefits? A: In general, you must file for unemployment benefits in the same state where you work. That is, even if you live in New York, if you work in New Jersey, you must file in New Jersey.

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2 Q: Can I apply for unemployment benefits if I have been temporarily laid off? A: Yes, you can, and it is crucial that you apply as soon as you are laid off (but not before then).  If you apply for benefits before you are laid off (even if you know you will be laid off), it is very likely that your application will be denied and that will delay the time when you will be able to start collecting your benefit.

4 Q: What information do I need to have when I apply for unemployment benefits? A: Make sure you have the following information when you apply (either on the website or by phone):

5 Q: How should I answer if the unemployment benefits office asks me why I am not working? A: Since you are becoming unemployed, the correct answer is “lack of work.”  If you mistakenly give another wrong answer, you may be denied unemployment benefits.

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Who can apply for unemployment benefitsBefore explaining the process you must follow to apply for unemployment benefits if you lose your job, let’s clarify what are the necessary conditions for a person to be eligible to receive this benefit and how much you can receive.

Once you have applied for unemployment, if you do not use up the benefit until the maximum period that corresponds to you and you find a job sooner, that part that you have not used up can be useful to you in the future. If you become unemployed again before you have contributed another 360 days, you can request a resumption and recover what you did not spend the previous time, but it is not possible to start from scratch.

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The next mandatory point indicates that you must be in a situation of unemployment. This means that you have been laid off from your current job, your working hours have been reduced by more than one third of the initial duration or your contract has been terminated. If you have resigned from your current job or have voluntarily resigned, you are not entitled to unemployment benefits.

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What is the best time to call unemployment?
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