What is the best time to get through to unemployment?

What is the best time to get through to unemployment?

How much unemployment benefit do I have left

Royal Decree 5/1997, of January 10, 1997, which regulates the unemployment benefit for temporary workers included in the Special Social Security Agrarian Regime.

The unemployment benefit for temporary workers included in the Special Agricultural Social Security Scheme was created by Royal Decree 3237/1983, of December 28, 1983, which came into force on January 1, 1984, and was subsequently amended by Royal Decree 2298/1984, of December 26, 1984, to adapt it, in certain aspects, to Law 31/1984, of August 2, 1984, on Unemployment Protection.

Since its creation, the unemployment subsidy has formed part of an integrated protection system, together with employment promotion measures and rural occupational training, the operation of which has made significant progress possible, both from a quantitative and qualitative point of view, It has made it possible to address the serious economic and social problems suffered by persons dependent on casual agricultural activity in the Autonomous Communities of Andalusia and Extremadura, to which the geographical scope of application of the subsidy extends, due to their special circumstances of unemployment, once the non-discriminatory nature of such application was clarified by the ruling of the Constitutional Court of May 11, 1989.

When to apply for unemployment benefits

The unemployment list is growing. Many newly unemployed do not know how much they will receive, sometimes they are not even sure if they will be able to count on an unemployment benefit, or what steps they should take to apply for it?    So many doubts, but we have answers.

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For these purposes it is necessary to distinguish whether the worker is affected by an ERTE caused by the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus, or the worker who must make other unemployment procedures.

Unemployment can be requested within 15 working days after the termination. If you still have vacation days left to take, the period will begin to run after you have used them up. But do not allow more time to pass, as you will then lose the right to benefit for the days you delay in applying for it.

Once the application for benefits has been processed by the SEPE, within 15 days it will issue a decision granting or denying the benefits. If data are missing for the calculation of the benefit, it is recognized for the minimum amount.

How much is unemployment in spain

These values represent almost double those registered in the Eurozone and European Union countries. The reason for this large difference is that, in some countries such as Germany, the percentage of youth unemployment barely exceeded 6%.Youth unemployment in the world

From a global perspective, it is worth mentioning that although the average in Western and Eastern Europe is slightly higher than the global average youth unemployment rate, Europe still offers good job opportunities for young people compared to other geographical areas such as North Africa, where youth unemployment rates are around 30%.General unemployment in the EU

Requirements for collecting unemployment benefits

In most cases, workers are entitled to collect unemployment benefits when they become unemployed. However, what depends on each situation is the length of time during which this benefit can be collected.

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As a minimum, the worker must have accumulated 360 days of contributions to be eligible for unemployment benefits. Specifically, reaching this amount will guarantee 120 days of contributory unemployment benefit, four months. From then on, the more contributions have been made previously, the longer the unemployment benefit can be collected.

The maximum amount will be 175% of the IPREM in general, 200% of the IPREM for persons with one child and 225% of the IPREM for persons with two or more children, all these amounts being increased by one-sixth of the IPREM: 1,153.33 Euros per month, 1,318.10 Euros per month and 1,482.86 Euros per month, respectively.

However, the SEPE offers the worker a self-calculation program in its Electronic Headquarters (available at this link) which allows him/her to approximate the amount of unemployment to which he/she is entitled according to his/her personal situation (regulatory base, family charges…).

What is the best time to get through to unemployment?
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