What is the highest government pay grade?

Minimum wage 2020

When was it created? It was created by decree in 1963, although after being included in the Workers’ Statute, its annual revision was regulated taking into account several factors, from the evolution of the CPI, to the national average productivity, the increase in the participation of labor in the national income or the general economic situation.

What part of the salary does the increase affect? It affects the remuneration in money, from which the value of the salary in kind cannot be subtracted. In the case of the daily wage, the proportional part of Sundays and holidays cannot be included. If a shorter working day is worked, it will be paid on a pro rata basis.

Minimum wage 2021 mexico official journal

The new increase in the minimum interprofessional wage (SMI) agreed between the Executive and the unions, and that the Government expects to approve in the Council of Ministers next week, will place the lowest salaries at 55% of the national average gain and above 60% of the average salaries of eight autonomous communities.

In contrast to Extremadura’s situation is the Basque Country, the community that had the highest salaries in 2019, where the new minimum wage will barely represent 45.8% of the average gain, almost 15 points below the 60% target.

Next Tuesday. Government spokeswoman and Minister of Territorial Policy, Isabel Rodríguez, said on Monday, in statements to TVE, that the increase in the SMI is not on the agenda of the Council of Ministers this Tuesday. Sources of the Executive indicated to Europa Press that this measure will go to next Tuesday’s Council of Ministers, in which the extension of the Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTE), whose current scheme ends on September 30, should foreseeably also be approved.

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Minimum Wage 2019

On December 1, 2021, the National Minimum Wage Commission (CONASAMI) approved, by majority vote, an increase in the minimum daily wage applicable in the country as well as in the Northern Border Free Zone (ZLFN).

On February 24, 2017, the decree reforming and adding various provisions of Articles 107 and 123 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF). The main goal of this reform is the transformation of the labor justice system.

Professional minimum wages 2021

The minimum remuneration, minimum wage or minimum salary, is the minimum amount of money paid to a worker in a given country and through an officially established law, for a given work period (hour, day or month), which employers must pay their workers for their labor.

The minimum wage, in real terms, is susceptible to the exchange rate, because during currency devaluations wages lose purchasing power, and inflation. Many times, increases in the minimum wage seek to reestablish the same purchasing power that existed before a devaluation or inflationary period.

First of all, it is worth clarifying that there is significant diversity in the scope, incidence and levels of minimum wages between countries, although the target population is usually the same. They tend to be low-skilled workers, mostly young people and women, part-time workers or employees in the commerce, restaurant and hotel sectors.

What is the highest government pay grade?
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