What is the purpose of CLE?

Objectives for learning a language

CLE CERTIFICATION is a language center with highly qualified and certified trainers as examiners and correctors in the various types of exams for the certifications and diplomas that we offer.

CLE CERTIFICACIÓN prepares for international exams and meets a series of criteria required by the certifiers. Therefore, our team has teachers in constant training to be at the forefront of the evolution of exams, certifications and diplomas. In this way we meet the needs and expectations of our students.

By law, any foreign citizen who wants to enter for the first time in a French university, has to attest his B1 level (minimum). This is why universities recognize the TEF for studies in France.

Like the TEF CANADA, the TEFAQ is part of the application process for immigration and citizenship in Quebec. It is recognized by the Canadian federal government to certify your French language skills.

Mission, vision and objectives of an English language school

CLE CIC GERMAN CLE CIC (Ciclo de Idiomas Corto) is a language exam that certifies the knowledge and skills in foreign languages of students who are currently attending high school in the following countries

CLE CIA ENGLISH CLE CIA (Advanced Language Cycle) is a language exam that certifies the knowledge and skills in English of students who are attending secondary schools in the United States and Canada.

CLE CIE INGLÉS CLE CIE (Ciclo de Idiomas Extendido) is a language exam that certifies the knowledge and skills in foreign languages of students who are in secondary school.

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EVALUATION INDICATORS-STRESSES SUBJECT English COURSE Evaluation Criterion 1: Understand the general and specific information, the main idea and the most relevant details of oral texts delivered in a foreign language.

September academic year 16/17 MINIMUM CONTENTS OF 1st E.S.O. Greeting, introducing oneself, saying goodbye, apologizing and thanking. Exchange personal information: age, place, family, likes and preferences,

Mission and vision of quick learning

Its objective is to disseminate, comment and exchange notes and ideas related to the modules developed for the different components of the CLE (Certificates in Foreign Languages) among the teachers of the educational institutions and the team of the Operational Directorate of Foreign Languages of this Ministry.

If our purpose is that our students learn English to be able to use it in everyday contexts outside the school, it is convenient to start taking into account these uses and provide them with these reasons. We will see how to recreate reading and writing tasks that are close to real situations. (download the material).

The material for students consists of authentic texts and tasks that develop the four skills based on themes related to the areas of experience of the school context and that promote interdisciplinary work.  (download the material)

Objectives of a language center

COORDINATING PROGRAM FOR FOREIGN LANGUAGESThe Tecnológico Nacional de México (TecNM) establishes the Coordinating Program for Foreign Languages (PCLE) to contribute to the National Goal of Quality Education, presented in the National Development Plan 2013-2018, and to the objectives of the Sectoral Program for Education 2013-2018, which establish, among others, “To support new models of academic cooperation for the internationalization of Higher Education; promote that more graduates have sufficient skills to be admitted to the best graduate programs in Mexico and the world; and promote the establishment of flexible curricular frameworks that allow each student to build their academic trajectory. “COORDINATION OF FOREIGN LANGUAGESThe Coordination of Foreign Languages (CLE) is the area responsible for managing the learning of foreign languages within each Institute, Unit and Center attached to the TecNM.The functions of the CLE are:

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What is the purpose of CLE?
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