What is the salary of a government professor?

How much does a teacher earn in spain 2021

However, the floor is the minimum, but the ceiling is managed by the jurisdictions, such is the case of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires where the minimum salary for a new teacher is $52,127 pesos.

Each provincial administration receives national funds for teachers from the Fondo Nacional de Incentivo Docente (National Teacher Incentive Fund) and these are non-remunerative payments, i.e. they are not subject to discounts but are not taken into account for pension contributions or Christmas bonuses.

In any case, the constant increase in inflation and the floor set by the Nation on the minimum teaching salary, already leave the provincial non-remunerative bonus short, so that in the 2022 labor union negotiations, logic indicates that there should be something better than what was offered in 2021.

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Teachers’ salary table 2021 fecode

In recognition of their important work that influences the development of future generations, but do you know how much a teacher earns or if their work is well paid? According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), in the country there are 1.2 million people whose occupation is teaching, of which 69.9% are women and 30.1% are men. Both work an average of 31 hours a week; however, each teacher is paid differently.

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In Mexico they earn an average of two minimum wages a day, or about 8,000 pesos a month. Consequently, the other 70% of teachers who teach preschool, primary, secondary and special education get a salary of more than two minimum wages per month. In this sense, the National Survey of Occupation and Employment reported that during the fourth quarter of 2020, only a minimum number of teachers in Mexico earn more than five minimum wages per month.

Salary of a secondary school teacher

In the comparative case of salaries between a teacher and a police officer, it should be noted that the scale and rank are determining factors; however, the teacher who earns the most receives $8,661,855 and the uniformed officer with the highest salary earns $20’298,455, including three bonuses.

The basic monthly allowance of those who are governed by Decree 1278 of 2002, which includes teacher educators, educational technologists, non-graduate professionals, graduates with and without specialization, and graduates with a master’s or doctorate degree, is a maximum of $8,661,855 and a minimum of $1,819,545.

It should be noted that the following data are part of the salary table for 2020 published on the institution’s website, this document is taken as a reference since it is the most recent and the salary allocation for 2021 does not appear.

The ranks of Major (2’991,815), Captain (2’462,132), Lieutenant (2’150,720) and Second Lieutenant (1’901,499), receive these basic monthly salaries and also the Ensigns receive a bonus of $255,504.

What is the salary of an elementary school teacher?

Albert Einstein once said: “The best things in life cannot be bought with money”. That may be true. For those who disagree, in 2019, Germans spent an average of 2,574 euros per month per household. The largest share went to housing, energy and home maintenance (890), followed by food, beverages (356 euros) and transport (351 euros). However, culture and leisure time also took their share, as Germans spent 284 euros per month on sports, movies and similar activities.

What is the salary of a government professor?
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