What is the synonym of commission?

What is the synonym of commission?

Commission meaning

commission n f 1 An order or commission given by one person to another to do something: to give a commission, assign a commission, have a commission, fulfill commission 2 A group of persons elected or appointed to settle a matter or study a problem: a parliamentary committee, a committee of experts, the finance committee 3 Gain, usually in the form of a percentage, on a total amount, which is charged in making a sale or doing a job: to collect commission 4 (Der) Act of committing: the commission of a crime.

The reason is that by moving a customer to a key account, centralizing negotiation of purchases or entering a buying group, he may begin to be managed by a higher instance and no longer be visited by the seller. In this case, the seller will continue to charge 1% for the opening of the customer but not the additional 2%.

Synonym for commission

Commission is a portion of the total value of a transaction. It is usually used in salesperson salary structures. From the customer’s point of view, it is a charge, an amount to be paid when a particular transaction is completed.

Commission is often used as a mechanism to incentivize employee effort. Thus, for example, in the commercial area, salespeople usually have a salary made up of two parts: a fixed part and a variable part based on commissions on what they are able to sell. In this way, the salesperson is expected to make an effort to make new sales operations so that his or her commission grows.

The commission is also the charge made to the customer for a given transaction. Its value should be related to the costs of carrying out the transaction, but this is not always the case. Commissions are usually determined by the degree of competition in the market and the amount of information available to the customer.

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Synonym for bank commission

The Truth Commission began its tour of the Altillanura region in Vichada, a department mainly populated by indigenous peoples who demand to be recognized by society in their human, political and cultural dignity.

The greatest challenge,” says Elizabeth Apolinar, a member of the Commission’s Orinoco Regional team, “is to understand that the denial of the human, cultural and political dignity of the indigenous peoples, Afro, Raizal, Palenquero and Rom communities has been more a cause than a consequence of this conflict.

In Cumaribo, a space was also shared with the recently created Mesa de Coordinación y Articulación de Organizaciones sociales, an initiative aimed at promoting organizational strengthening around the Peasant Reserve Zones.

Commission synonym rae

Exercise of the power to enact laws, the creation of which corresponds to the Legislative Branch. It is an orderly series of actions carried out by the Legislative and Executive Branches, empowered to do so. The phases of the procedure are: initiative, opinion, discussion, approval or rejection, sanction or observation, promulgation, publication and entry into force.

When a bill is declared sufficiently discussed in general and in particular, the plenary of the Congress proceeds to vote on it. If the opinion containing the law or decree is approved, the corresponding minutes will be prepared, which will be approved by the plenary and will be sent to the Executive for its promulgation and publication in the Official Gazette of the State.

This is the case when the majority of the full Congress considers that the bill or decree is pertinent for the situation it intends to regulate, without entering -for the moment- into the special discussion of those articles that, having been reserved, will be discussed one by one in particular.

What is the synonym of commission?
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