What is unfair treatment at work?

What is unfair treatment at work?

Labor Discrimination pdf

PROFEDET is the Federal Attorney’s Office for the Defense of Labor, a decentralized body of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) that is dedicated to protecting the rights of workers before the labor authorities.

Before filing a labor lawsuit, you can go to the Procuraduría Federal de la Defensa del Trabajo, which offers conciliation services for workers and employers to obtain amicable and satisfactory solutions in case of conflict. All free of charge.

In order for a user (either worker or employer) to receive the conciliation service, you must call the helpline 01 800 911 7877 and get advice from a lawyer. Your rights and obligations will be explained to you and if you proceed you must do the following:

Types of employment discrimination

It is difficult for the professional to establish a limit for fear of losing his or her job; however, being an employee does not mean that he or she must abide by all the injustices that occur at work.

The lack of good communication channels hinders the work and impairs the performance of professionals. Silence causes the person to become consumed inside and feel disinterested in their work.

If talking to the person in charge does not improve the situation, the best option is to file a formal complaint. You should never remain immobilized since it implies that the abuser will continue to act against the same victim or will look for a new one.

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However, it is not advisable for the professional to internalize his or her ongoing work problem to prevent the conflict from becoming the focus of his or her work life. Although work is an important part of being human, it is not everything.

The logical thing to do is to develop work tasks in the best possible way, avoiding conflicts at all times, but it is also essential that work problems remain at work and do not interfere in the professional’s personal life.

Sample Employment Discrimination Complaint

Pursuant to the Mexican Constitution, equal wages shall be paid for equal work without distinction of sex or nationality. The Federal Labor Law also requires that the same work, performed under similar conditions of time and place, must lead to equal pay. The Federal Labor Law also supports the principle of equal pay for equal work, without any discrimination based on sex, age or nationality.

As of a 2019 reform, the Labor Law further establishes the equality of both genders before the law and that work must be carried out in conditions that guarantee a decent life and health for workers and their dependents.

Sources: §01 & 04 of the Constitution, §3, 132-VI, 133(I) & 164 of the Federal Labor Law, Federal Law to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination (LFPED) 2003, General Law for Equality between Women and Men 2006, National Human Rights Commission Law 1992, General Law for the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities 2011 and the National Institute of Women’s Law, created in 2001.

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Employment discrimination in mexico

The doctrine describes the phenomena of discrimination, harassment, abuse and bullying in the workplace and the possible outcomes of these exposures. Although exceptions exist, these unfair experiences are most often described as affecting workers in non-dominant and/or disadvantaged groups of workers.

At the individual/interpersonal level, workplace injustice can be intentional or unintentional and encompass acts of Commission and omission. (More research on the concept may be of interest). Studies have documented a range of unfair practices faced by vulnerable workers, from isolating or excluding socially/economically disadvantaged workers from workplace events and activities to subjecting them to overtly hostile actions and behaviors (e.g., being subjected to insults and jokes related to their race/ethnicity). Studies suggest that African Americans and other racial/ethnic minority workers are more likely to report being targets of derogatory comments and having their job duties and activities made more difficult by others.

What is unfair treatment at work?
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