What should be discussed at executive meetings?

What should be discussed at executive meetings?

Types of effective business meetings

Do you want to know how to achieve effective meetings? What do they involve? It is not enough for meetings to be held at a certain frequency or in a certain format; for them to be effective, there must be software to organize everything.

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Effective business meetings pdf

An effective business meeting is the “event in which two or more people come together to discuss a given topic”. Despite being a frequent activity in all organizations, 50% of the meetings are considered by their attendees as a waste of time, while the other 50% refers to the scope of the meeting.

Among the criteria to be included in effective business meetings are effectiveness and efficiency, i.e., achieving what is intended at the lowest possible cost. Business meetings are a way for team members to address an issue and focus on solving it. So, you may ask, what do we call effective business meetings?

First of all, business meetings are intended to drive the achievement of objectives. Therefore, when everyone is on the same page and aware of what needs to be done, the result is that even the most challenging tasks can be completed.

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Would you like to have more effective meetings in your company but don’t know where to start? It is key to understand the importance of a work meeting, and from there learn how to organize effective work meetings that become a source of team motivation.

Examples of business meetings

Making sure that a meeting is not seen by its participants as a waste of time is quite an achievement, and the main secret to achieve it is to dedicate time to its preparation. So, by way of summary and with the aim of not having to call any meeting that involves a waste of time in 2020 in Vital Innova, I would like to highlight what the authors have called the 5 P’s for convening effective meetings.

Meetings should have a purpose and in particular they should serve to make decisions or to brainstorm. For any other case, such as announcing or communicating something related to work, you should always try to use other faster and cheaper ways of communication.

Composition. A homogeneous group can be guilty of having few points of view, even though it may be more closely knit. And a heterogeneous group brings much more richness of opinion, but will take much longer to resolve conflicts. There must be a balance between people who are activity-oriented and those who are process-oriented. Homogeneity encourages commitment and heterogeneity encourages creativity and innovation.

Characteristics of effective business meetings

Business meetings are an effective tool for coordinating teams, initiating projects or analyzing company results. The problem lies in how to organize effective business meetings. The problem lies in how to organize effective business meetings, because overusing meetings can be a waste of time and productivity.

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The space chosen can be a key factor in the overall atmosphere of the meeting. Therefore, this point cannot be left to chance: the furniture, the comfort of the room, whether it will include catering or the necessary audiovisual material.

Likewise, the type of meeting will determine the room: imperial assembly for boards of directors, in school for company training or large rooms for corporate or networking events.

There are no excuses. If you are the one who has called the meeting, arrive early enough to go over the most important points and welcome all participants. In a virtual meeting, connect at least 15 minutes beforehand to check that everything is running smoothly.

What should be discussed at executive meetings?
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