When should commissions be paid?

Payment of commissions federal labor law

Bank commissions are fixed or percentage amounts of money charged by the bank or financial institution to the client for the rendering of different services: transactions, issuance of documents, contracts, negative balances and maintenance, among others.

Not all banks charge all fees equally. In general online banking, it is necessary to compare which are the banks with the lowest commissions or at least with the lowest commissions in the services that will be used the most.

Normally the imposition of bank commissions is the power of the financial entity, so that the client, in most of the occasions cannot negotiate and if he/she does not want to pay these commissions, he/she must look for another entity. However, in many occasions, the entities agree on commissions among themselves to avoid the flight of clients. These pacts or price agreements are anti-competitive and may result in fines and penalties for the entities.

The fundamental criticism is that in today’s economy the citizen cannot do without banking services. The customer cannot clearly choose the services and cannot avoid the intermediation of a financial institution for the payment of salaries or payrolls or pensions in cash. Nor can the customer pay many utility bills directly to the utility company (electricity, gas, etc.). In other words, there is no real alternative to these procedures, so that the charging of commissions is considered a ‘discretionary’ tax by the entities.[5][6] The financial institutions are not allowed to charge commissions.

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Percentage commission per sale

Considering that this service is increasingly expensive if you do not meet the bank’s requirements (which are also more demanding than before), opening a bank account without commissions and with hardly any requirements can be a good idea. The savings can exceed 240 euros per year in fees.

The bank accounts that appear in the following list do not charge commissions even if the client does not link his income, that is to say, they are accounts without commissions and without payroll, perfect for those clients who pay commissions in their bank for not being able to fulfill the requirements of their current account.

In order to know what rights customers have and avoid paying more than the bill for the service provided by the bank, it is interesting to have clear the following keys about bank fees:

Banks can stipulate the fees they deem appropriate for the service they provide, so if the customer is not willing to pay, they have several options: meet the requirements, negotiate new conditions or change banks.

Sales commission table

The reason is that when a customer moves to a key account, centralizes negotiation of purchases or enters a buying group, he may start to be managed by a higher level and no longer be visited by the salesperson. In this case, the salesperson will continue to charge 1% for the opening of the customer but not the additional 2%.

The commission is paid on a monthly basis by applying the established percentage to the sales invoiced in that month. In this sense, some concepts must be taken into account: For the commission, money is needed based on percentages that must be paid monthly.

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Jurisprudence on payment of sales commissions

A: The payment of water rights by Internet can only be made with Visa or MasterCard credit card, as well as with Bancomer checking account, this is due to the current legislation which states that for the use of a debit card it is necessary to physically present the card.

A: SACMEX offers you the Centralized Call Center where they can answer all your questions, just dial 01 800 014 24 82 toll free, with service hours from 8:00 to 20:00 Hrs. from Monday to Friday.

A: When you enter the portal you should verify that the address of the page begins with https://, you should also verify that you see a padlock located on the upper right side of the screen.

A: Since this is a payment made through a banking institution, SACMEX will be notified of the confirmation within a maximum period of 2 to 5 business days. Once this period has elapsed, you can call the Centralized Call Center where they can provide you with the information you need, just dial 01 800 014 24 82 toll free, with service hours from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

When should commissions be paid?
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