Where do ACCC fines go?

What happens if a person dies in a car accident?

The competent authorities in the field of traffic and road safety provide annually special regulatory measures that temporarily restrict the circulation of certain vehicles on dates and routes for which massive displacements are foreseen, in order to favor road safety, mobility and fluidity of circulation.

However, when there is an unavoidable situation to make the trip in any of the periods and by any of the routes with a vehicle affected by these restrictions to the circulation, a special authorization may be requested so that this vehicle can make such trip.

In the event that the interested party has the right to present his application in person, all this information must be provided in the official form available for downloading from the web page of the Dirección General de Tráfico.

The applicant for the authorization may be any interested party who has an unavoidable need to travel with any of the vehicles that are affected by the restrictions established by the annual resolution of special traffic measures.

How an accident can change a person’s life.

October 09, 2017Guanajuato, Gto. For months the mayor of Guanajuato Edgar Castro Cerrillo has reserved around 18 sanction files against former officials and civil servants of the municipal administration, who were investigated for committing alleged irregularities.

Among the files that the municipal president has jealously guarded are those of his private secretary José Hilarión Espinosa, who was investigated and a proceeding of responsibilities was initiated against him by the Comptroller’s Office, for allegedly having impeded the passage of PRD member Julio César García Sánchez to a plenary session.

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Another scandalous case is that of the former Director of Protection and Surveillance Daphné García Galván, who in the last administration authorized the expansion of the Casa Colorada hotel, without the consent of the National Institute of Anthropology and History.

In the current administration, the works were suspended both by the INAH and by the municipal government itself, which initiated a lawsuit to revoke the permit granted by the authority itself in the administration of Luis Gutiérrez Márquez.

Procedure in the event of a traffic accident with injury/death

Articles 3, 6 and 7 of Organic Law 1/1992, of February 21, 1992, on the Protection of Citizen Security, provide that the State Administration shall establish the requirements and conditions for the manufacture, trade, possession and use of arms, empowering the Government, as well as the fourth final provision, to regulate the matter and establish the necessary control measures and attributing to the Minister of the Interior the exercise of powers in the matter.

This makes it necessary to carry out a thorough updating of the current Weapons Regulations, taking into account, as a complement, the provisions of articles 23 and following of the Organic Law itself regarding infringements and penalties.

However, it must be taken into account in this respect that the scope of the Weapons Regulation is broader than that of the Directive, since the former includes not only firearms but also edged weapons, compressed air weapons and all those, traditional or modern, for sporting use; and it aims to regulate privately owned weapons that may be possessed and used by private individuals and members of the Armed Forces, the Security Forces and Corps and the Private Security Services.

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Psychological disorders after an accident

1. Who can file a complaint: The complainant must be a person who has witnessed the event and to file the complaint must present his/her national identity card (DNI) or civic card (libreta de enrolamiento or cívica) and, if he/she is a foreigner, his/her identity card. This report must be made in writing and signed by both the complainant and the official who receives it.

2. Gather information: You must be careful and describe as best you can the events that occurred. Try to keep in mind the exact place and time of the execution of the crime as well as references to the name, pseudonym, physical characteristics, as well as the home address, or any other information that may help in the investigation of the crime (photographs, videos, witness testimonies, among others). The audiovisual material must be presented with the exact date of the act of mistreatment, so try to take some reference from television, where the day and time can be identified; by means of testimonies of two or more witnesses or including the visible date of a newspaper of that day.

Where do ACCC fines go?
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