Where do I send my VA paperwork?

Where do I send my VA paperwork?

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The electronic certificate serves to electronically authenticate and guarantee the user’s identity, to electronically sign a document and to encrypt the data it contains so that only the recipient can access it.

It also guarantees the integrity and confidentiality of the information. No one other than the certificate holder can generate a signature linked to it, which, in fact, prevents the certificate holder from denying the validity of the messages he has signed.

To obtain an electronic certificate or renew an expired one, it is necessary to go to an officially recognized certifying entity. These are the so-called qualified trusted electronic service providers, which you can find at this link: Qualified Trusted Electronic Service Providers.

In these certifying entities you can obtain your certificates and renew those whose validity period has expired. Each entity enables the necessary mechanisms to issue the certificate and determines the necessary conditions to obtain it. This information is available on the web pages of the different certifying entities.

How to send a package by dhl mexico

During the state of alarm, the Social Security implemented a system that allowed to send letters to them by Internet without the need of a digital certificate or password.    Now, they have modified the procedure and it is now necessary to identify yourself, although it is still difficult to get an appointment to be attended in person at the Social Security offices.

b) If you do not have them, you can ask another person you trust who does have them to send the document or documentation on your behalf.    This other person can be a professional (administrative manager, social worker, lawyer), or any person you trust who has a secure means of identification (a friend, a relative, a neighbor, etc.).

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Dhl shipments

It is the permission granted to foreigners who have a valid resident visa to reside indefinitely and develop any lawful activity in the country. It is a requirement that they have not been outside Chile for more than 180 days during the validity of the visa.

Since 01/05/2019 it is mandatory to present the certificate of criminal and/or judicial record of the country of origin for all nationalities and the application to process is accepted only digitally through the platform, with all the requirements.  If you sent your application by mail before that date, the process will follow its normal course and it will not be necessary to send an online application again.

You must submit your application for Permanent Residency within 90 days prior to the expiration of your Visa. For example, if your Visa expires on December 31, 2020, you may submit your application between September 30 and December 31, 2020.

After the affidavit: what’s next

In case you are unable to pick it up personally, you must fill in an authorization indicating who you want to pick up the shipment on your behalf. You can authorize either an individual or a legal entity.

In order for an individual to pick up shipments addressed to a company or corporation, it is necessary that the senders indicate the company name and the name and surname of the individual who is going to pick up the shipment.

In the case of Communities of Property, among which are the Communities of Property Owners, notices may be delivered without the stamping of the seal in the event that they do not have it.

Where do I send my VA paperwork?
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