Which country gives 10 years visa?

Schengen Visa 2021

Yes you can transfer your case, however El Salvador is currently processing Guatemalan applications due to the reduced interview capacity we have at the Guatemalan Embassy. If you decide to transfer your case back to Guatemala, we cannot estimate how soon an appointment will be available.

Approved cases are processed 5 business days after the interview. If you are in El Salvador, you may return to the embassy and pick up your passport in person. Your visa passport can also be sent to Guatemala City via Cargo Expreso for an additional fee of $35.00. Shipping to other locations outside of Guatemala City may incur additional costs.

If your visa cannot be processed due to a missing document you may send your documents by Cargo Expreso locally, or from Guatemala for an additional $35.00 fee, and still be able to complete your case in El Salvador.

If your visa cannot be issued due to a long term inconvenience (For example: Follow-up medical evaluation, administrative processing or waiting for a waiver) the case will be transferred back to the Embassy in Guatemala City to complete the process.

Long term visa spain requirements

Normally, for family reunification it is necessary for the family member to apply for a visa at a German representation (embassy/consulate) in the country where he/she has been residing (i.e. for at least six months). When applying for a visa, it is important that you apply for a visa for the purpose for which you actually intend to reside in the country and not, for example, for tourism.

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The visa application will be checked jointly by the representation abroad and the immigration authority of the place of residence of the spouse already living in Germany.

In principle, the family member who is already living in Germany, provided that he or she is not German, must also have an apartment with sufficient space, although the requirements for this are not too high.

If the requirements for a residence permit are not met, the competent immigration authority will determine at its discretion whether a residence permit for a visa is granted. However, it is only permitted if there is a “special hardship case”, i.e. an inadmissible situation for those concerned.

Can I travel to the U.S. with a Schengen visa?

We have no changes in visa requirements to announce at this time. Information on required vaccinations for immigrant visa applicants can be found on this website:

Seeking medical treatment in the United States is a permitted purpose of travel for persons holding a valid visitor visa; more information can be found here. If you have questions about entering the United States under the Visa Waiver Program, we refer you to the Department of Homeland Security.

According to the CDC order, travelers must present a documented and verifiable proof result to their airline in order to travel. Individuals who have provided falsified or illegitimate test results may be denied boarding and/or entry into the United States. We refer you to CDC, DHS and DOT for implementation information.

You must have a valid passport for travel to the United States whose validity must be at least six months longer than the length of time you will remain in the United States (unless specific agreements with individual countries provide for exemptions).

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Types of visas for Spain

“Applicants are randomly selected by computerized lottery. The visas are distributed among six geographic regions, with the largest number allocated to regions with lower rates of immigration to the United States,” the State Department explains on its website.

The Visa Lottery was created to attract immigrants from countries that do not have more than 50,000 annual immigrant visas to the United States, so many Latin American countries are left out of the lottery. Mexico, Brazil and Colombia are not eligible to participate in the lottery.

Which country gives 10 years visa?
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