Who is a diplomat?

Diplomatic personality

On January 15, 1885, by Supreme Decree, the functions of the new Ministry were specified, which initially had six officials, the Minister, the Chief Officer, a First Officer, two assistants and a porter.

In 1975, the Bolivian Diplomatic Academy “Rafael Bustillo” was created for the training of Bolivian diplomatic personnel, with the purpose of establishing a permanent diplomatic career. The regulations of this Academy were approved by Supreme Resolution 505166 of October 17, 1988.

On July 11, 1989, the Statute of the Foreign Service was approved by Supreme Decree 22242. Likewise, Supreme Decree 22243 approved the General Regulations, the Regulations of the National Diplomatic, Consular and Diplomatic Ceremonial Ranking.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the governing entity of the international relations of the Plurinational State of Bolivia that develops the management of the Foreign Policy for the defense of its sovereignty, independence and interests of the State, through the application of the People’s Diplomacy for Life, for the benefit of Bolivians.

Diplomatic adjective

International issues can be very complex, potentially involving problems such as child abduction, conflict prevention, forced marriages, counter-terrorism, climate change, trade and investment. Diplomats are experts in managing all these conflicts.

Administrative diplomats are responsible for embassy budgets and the day-to-day running of the offices. They are also responsible for the management of staff housing and facilities that contribute to the smooth running of embassies abroad.

The following is a list of some of the studies that make it possible to pursue this profession. It should be noted that, depending on the area of specialization, it may be necessary to complement the training with other courses.

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Diplomatic functions

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In addition, a diplomat basically responds to the instructions received directly by his/her government, knows the legal regulations that determine the nationality of persons, not only of his/her country of origin but also of the State where the unlawful act has been committed, and has the following obligations: to respect the laws and regulations of the State that has received him/her at the Embassy, not to interfere in the internal affairs of his/her State (this would go against the principle of sovereignty of States); and to deal with official communications with the receiving State through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other Ministry.


Perhaps you are a manager looking to create a more positive work environment or perhaps you simply want to learn better conflict resolution techniques. Diplomacy involves assessing a situation before speaking or acting, and taking the best course of action. Although diplomacy can be difficult in certain situations, you can remain calm by being cautious, defusing difficult situations and building relationships with others.

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Who is a diplomat?
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