Who is eligible for the rise Act?

Law 2155 2021

Here you will find the answers to your questions about the Special Economic and Social Zones (ZESE).Law 1955 of 2019 (National Development Plan 2018-2022) defined a special tax regime to attract domestic and foreign investment and thus contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of its population and the generation of employment. This regulation called them Special Economic and Social Zones (ZESE).

What is the ZESE? It is a special regime defined in Law 1955 of 2019[1] and its purpose is to attract national and foreign investment, improve living conditions and generate employment in those cities that have high unemployment rates.

What is the procedure for the registration of commercial companies under the special ZESE tax regime? Commercial companies that carry out industrial, agricultural, commercial, tourism or health activities, and comply with the requirements established in the regulations[3], may apply for the special tax regime.

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Home / Queries / Queries / Termination of Contract / Indirect DismissalShareDon’t shareTermination of Contract, Indirect DismissalTermination of Contract, Indirect DismissalWhat is the procedure to terminate the labor relationship with the right to indemnification when it is the employer who incurs in some of the causes of termination attributable to his conduct? The employee, in order to self-dismiss, must communicate it in writing to the employer, with a copy to the respective Labor Inspectorate, indicating the causes and the facts on which it is based. The employee has a term of 60 working days from the termination of services to sue before the courts of justice. This term is extended to a maximum of 90 business days if the employee files a claim before the Labor Inspection.

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In relation to the above, the causes established by the Labor Code for the employee to terminate the employment contract and the corresponding increases in severance payments are as follows:

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It also introduces the so-called MEI, “a balanced, temporary and contingent tool to respond to the demographic challenge” for the Social Security, which is expected to reactivate the Social Security Reserve Fund by means of a final contribution between 2023 and 2032.

It also incorporates measures aimed at voluntarily bringing the effective age closer to the ordinary retirement age, establishing four ways: the revision of both voluntary and involuntary early retirement and on the basis of activity, delayed retirement, active retirement and forced retirement.

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The Organic Law for the Promotion of Production, Attraction of Investments, Generation of Employment and Fiscal Stability and Balance proposes a long-term economic stability plan, as well as incentives to attract new investments to the country, both internal and external, promoting employment and boosting production and the economy.

The limit for the deduction of the additional 100% of expenses for technical training and productivity improvement is increased from 1% to 5% of those incurred for wages and salaries.

The benefits will be incorporated to the investment contracts subscribed during 2018.    If such contracts already enjoy tax incentives, the incentives of a similar nature provided for in this law may be applied for the time remaining to complete the term corresponding to the new incentive. For those investment contracts approved before the effective date of Executive Decree 252 of December 22, 2017, the IR rate in force at the date of approval will be recognized.

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Who is eligible for the rise Act?
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