Why do kids have so many stuffed animals?

Why children cling to a stuffed animal

There is something special about stuffed animals that everyone likes, don’t ask me why, but that’s the way it is. Maybe it’s the tenderness they emanate or the sweet aspect they have, the softness is also another thing that they like a lot about them. Despite being encompassed in the toy sector, stuffed animals are perfect for all ages.

But when Roosevelt saw the poor helpless bear, he flatly refused. The anecdote transcended to the newspapers and when the owner of a candy store saw the news, he came up with the idea of making a plush bear, with button eyes, representing the bear of the hunt, his intention was to put it in the window next to a newspaper clipping as a parody, so that people who passed by would pay attention to his store.

Another curiosity about the Teddy Bear, its original name, Teddy Bear, before spreading worldwide and being translated into all languages, was named after the American president, Teddy being the abbreviation of Theodore, since he was the unintentional promoter of this invention.

Up to what age do children play with stuffed animals?

The main room in a home should be considered a sacred place, and this is the reason why you should carefully review the elements with which you are going to organize and decorate it; however, more than focusing on how nice it may look, you should also take into account the correct flow of energies in that space.

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This is precisely what Feng Shui talks about, a discipline in which the arrangement of objects in the environment is related to the vibrations that may be there, so that they do not interfere or influence negatively in people’s lives. In fact, it refers specifically to what you should never have in a room if you sleep with your partner, all this so that your relationship does not end up being ruined.

Photographs in which other people such as family, friends or acquaintances can invade the space where you sleep with your partner with a very heavy energy charge, so the ideal is to leave them out of the room, placing them elsewhere in the house; in the room you should only have memories of the two of you, taking into account that it is a very intimate place.

Do stuffed animals have life?

The transitional object usually has a pleasant texture and reminds us of the soft mother theory, which speaks of the innate need of infants to attach to a soft object in order to feel protected. This is why the object of attachment is usually soft, such as a stuffed animal, a gauze, a blanket, a pillow, a T-shirt….

It represents the attachment that the baby feels for his parents, and helps him to control separation anxiety at certain times, or during the stage in which the baby begins to experience that he is independent from his mother.

It’s bad to have too many stuffed animals

As your baby gets older, interaction with other babies becomes very important. But the truth is that you are your baby’s favorite “buddy”. You’ve probably seen a puppet dance in front of your baby’s face, and the baby’s reaction has been to snatch it out of your hands and put it in his mouth. Or he’s probably ever squealed with delight when you leaned over to him and said, “I’ll get you!”

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These interactions help baby learn language, social relationships, and cause-and-effect. Once babies begin to understand how things relate to each other within the environment and know what they taste, smell and sound like, and how they feel to the touch, they are ready to move on to the next stage of development: understanding how they work.

This type of play lays the foundation for the play you will do during preschool. Using the oven timer on a toy kitchen or sounding the siren on a toy fire truck means your child has a greater understanding because he now understands that each item has a different function.

Why do kids have so many stuffed animals?
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