How did summer break start?

History of working vacations in Colombia The word vacations derives from the Latin vacans, participle of the verb vacare: ‘to be free, unoccupied, vacant’ (like a job). Vacuus: ’empty’, ‘vacant’, ‘free’. Vacui dies: ‘days of rest’. Vacatio (-ionis): ‘dispensation’, ‘exemption’. By custom, those who take vacations engage in recreational activities away from the cities where […]

How do I avoid buyers commission?

Real estate sales commission mexico 2021 Another institution where customers can file a complaint is the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco); however, the complaint remains just that, as there is no sanction established by the authority when this is done. It doesn’t matter if you charge with a card or not, because you are basically […]

Can I withdraw my child from PE?

Superintendency of Education Article 3°.- Bolivian Education is inspired by the moral principles of dignity and elevation of the human being; it tends to his greater harmonic development in the spiritual, physical, economic, and social aspects, and, in accordance with the foundations of the “Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man”, which makes them its […]

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